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You Need to Hear This: New Music from Dawson, Hunter and the Bear, Lower Lands and Flight Brigade

Working with new music means that we get to discover incredible new artists each and every day. During our regular scouting for new talent on the gigging circuit, YouTube, Soundcloud and of course, the Emerging Icons database... we're always unearthing new sounds that we are just desperate to share.

Here's a cheeky selection of some of the acts we've fallen in love with recently. Give them your love and show them your support- they're all fantastic finds as we're sure you'll agree!

Dawson- Pollution

London-based singer-songwriter is one of life's most sickeningly talent human beings. You know the kind that appears to be hogging all the mad skillz you wish you could have? One of them. Thing is- he also seems to be an proper lovely chap which means that he's definitely one we want to see head off to the realm of much-deserved mega-stardom in the very near future. He's a pianist, composer, busker, part-time beatboxer... oh, and he's also the UK's Loop Station Champion. It essentially means that he's a whole band in one man- making all of his impossibly clever and creative live performances pretty damn special. His YouTube account has racked up views in the tens of thousands thanks to his incredible covers of artists such as Rudimental, Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk and erm, Will Smith feat. Jazzy Jeff. However, we wanted to show his original material the love it deserves, so check out our fave tune from his 'Youth Affliction EP'- 'Pollution'. Anyone else hearing an unexpected hint of Jamie Cullum style in that vocal?

Hunter & The Bear - Fisherman's Way

Consisting of three lads with shedloads of talent, impeccable taste in music and mighty fine beards, Hunter & The Bear are the new band to discover if you like your tunes folky as f*ck. Since Marcus Mumford came along and blew the bloody doors off the UK's mainstream folk scene, the mandolin seems to be a regular fixture in rustic instrumentation everywhere. However, while it may be a mainstay in the Hunter & The Bear sound, they're on a dusty path far, far away from the 'I Will Wait' sound- as you'll soon discover. Inspired by greats such as The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bruce Springsteen; there's an impressive sense of bluesy Americana flowing through the tight harmonies and old-soul sound of the British trio. With debut single 'Forest On The Hill' due for release at the end of next month, we can't wait for their free performances for 'Westfield Presents Emerging Icons Live' on Thursday 29th August and Saturday 28th September. Check out this live performance of 'Fisherman's Way' to see why...

Lower Lands - Eat The Rich

Anyone get to enjoy a dirty weekend? Don't worry if you didn't- we've got the next best thing right here thanks to these filthy noise-mongers, Lower Lands. An amazing discovery for any alt-rock fan still mourning the loss of Reuben, the Lincolnshire four-piece could easily be a loving step-parent to anyone continuing to pine for that unmistakeably delicate thrash-to-twang balance of guitar. With a sound that's full of groove, killer hooks and soul-cleansing roars, tunes like 'Eat The Rich' are a must for anyone who loves to sweat it out to sheer alt-rock class. To date, Lower Lands have racked up plenty of industry support from heavyweight mags Rock Sound and Big Cheese, the new music scouts at Radio1 and the video team at Kerrang TV; all jostling to hail their music as "anthemic", "cathartic" "solid, unpretentious"... and quite simply, 'massive'. We defo can't wait to catch a live show from them soon, and we're fully prepared for our faces to be melted and our battered bodies to be covered with all kinds of bodily fluids. It's just how we like it. Go listen. NOW.

Flight Brigade - A Girl Who Loves Her Smoke & Wine

Following their stunning performance at Westfield London last week, we simply HAD to show Flight Brigade some love. Completely trouncing raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, we reckon the former support for Dry The River and Stornoway are most definitely one of our new favourite things. The warm glow of their sound is utterly irresistible- drawing you in and wrapping you up in rich swathes of folk-friendly melodies and gorgeous vocal harmonies. 'A Girl Who Loves Her Smoke & Wine' is the tune that caught the attention of BBC Radio 2's Janice Long, who hailed it as "astonishing"- and we're rather inclined to agree. Stuffed full of those soaring anthemic qualities that so often provide the soundtrack to the drunken emotional highlights of a festival weekend; the beautiful sincerity and euphoric after-effects make Flight Brigade a band well worth investigating. With a debut album worked on by Gavin Monaghan (Kings of Leon, Editors) on the way, keep your eye out for new tunes very soon.

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