17/10/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 17/12/2014 05:59 GMT

Ricky Gervais Loved His First David Brent Pastiche Video So I Got Him To Create Another - Watch It Here

If you didn't see the hilarious video that unemployed graduate Will Bowers created - to get his CV out there - with the hope of getting noticed by potential employers, take a look below. Having found it hard to big himself up to employers or successfully land himself a job the traditional way, he cleverly used the persona of David Brent from 'The Office' to present himself and his CV. The video went viral, was championed by Ricky Gervais through Facebook, and made national press.

Will has a 2:1 in Business and Management, but is looking for a marketing role - and he clearly IS a marketing genius to have achieved what most marketing managers are striving to achieve on a daily basis. A campaign going viral is a Marketing Manager's dream. He is a true inspiration to other graduates out there - who are looking for ways to stand out in the crowd. Quite evidently - creativity is King.

When I recently started working on a campaign targeted at graduates I couldn't help but ask Will Bowers to bring back David Brent and his magic - to help me to get our message out there to fellow graduates. I was really excited when he accepted the challenge, and what a fabulous job he did. The brief that I gave him was to extend the David Brent persona even more with a boosted ego, also taking on board David Brent's love for spreading his own musical talents.

He embraced this additional task in true Will Bowers style. Completely on-brand as Brent - his character has clearly forced one of his 'friends' to join in with a promotional song at the end of the clip, using the maracas. He attempts to rap over his backing band-for-the-day, the barbers shop singers, while his pal makes a half-hearted attempt at percussion. But in true David Brent form - he gets annoyed when he thinks they are outshining him and leaves with the line:

"This is meant to be my thing...stop showing off... can"

All of these ridiculous details make up an entertaining watch. Watch clip here.

To remind yourself of where this all came from, here is an original clip from BBC's spoof documentary, 'The Office,' with a key musical moment for Ricky Gervais's character, manager David Brent - where he attempts to show off to his colleagues in a meeting by playing a song on his guitar. Some of his colleagues attempt to join in to appease their boss, some look like they would rather be gouging their own eyes out, and others see the funny side.