02/10/2013 08:42 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 7 Oct - 13 Oct 2013

We're fairly confident that we've ticked all the new music boxes in this week's round-up of unmissable gigs.

We're fairly confident that we've ticked all the new music boxes in this week's round-up of unmissable gigs.

In one corner, we've got the chilled sound of blissed out beats and atmospheric loveliness. At the other; boobs, corsets and songs about doing the bad thing. We seriously can't wait. Have a read of our live show previews and when you find something you like the look of, get it jotted in your diary. Text a few mates, get yourselves down there, support our new music scene and have a bloody good night out in the process. That's what it's all about!

So shall we see what's happening and get your social calendar sorted? Sounds good. Here's this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Wednesday 9th October

Motorcycle Display Team at The Victoria: Dalston, London

You have the chance for a cracking Wednesday night of drama and entertainment down at The Vic without a single Mitchell or Branning in sight. Motorcycle Display Team are popping over to Dalston to give your ears a flamin' good seeing to and we can guarantee that you'll be glad you ventured out on a school night. They're a band who have consistently impressed us with their energetically charismatic approach to old school rock n' roll, which has previously seen them shake things up on Absolute Radio's airwaves as one of Pete Donaldson's Emerging Icons picks last year. They're as melodic as they are rough n' ready, and they're happy to party with anyone- whether you're into riffing or raving. It turns out Battle of You are also on the bill as a cheeky bonus, so just bring your toes to tap and you'll be in for a good time...

Saturday 12th October

Lunchband at Westfield London: Shepherd's Bush, London

The tastiest sounding band in alt rock are coming back for a second appearance on the Emerging Icons stage in London and we can't ruddy wait. We've been great fans of the London lot as their sound and profile have been steadily on the rise over the past couple of years, offering some of the freshest flavours for your ears to feast upon. Having supported the likes of Dutch Uncles and The Rifles before now, they stand out as one of the most unmissable acts on the weekend's bill- which is pretty impressive considering you've got musicians like Edward Bell and Charlie Hole turning out to perform. If you like your tunes infectiously feelgood, make sure you're down at Westfield London for their 8pm show. It's free, remember!

Saturday 12th October

The White Bicycles at The Birdcage: Bristol, Avon

Steady yourselves, ladies and gents... because things are about to get mellow as f*ck. Upon hearing the name The White Bicycles you're probably thinking something pure, light, serene, and a bugger to clean if you take it down a muddy path. You'd be 75% correct in your assertions definitely... the last one we're unsure of because it'd be a bit weird to go at the Cornish duo with a hosepipe. You can, however, go along to their show at The Birdcage in Bristol next Saturday and enjoy an evening of stunning music- dreamy, ambient and good for the soul. Song like theirs really are a joy to be wrapped up in. With new tunes like latest single 'Elegy' sounding fresher than ever, fans of The XX and Bombay Bicycle Club need to give this show a go.

*Please note this show has since been postponed until November- look out for the new date to be announced soon!*

Saturday 12th October

Sounds of Harlowe at Moles: Bath, Somerset

When was the last time you pulled a sickie at work? Well, you may need to consider doing just that on the Monday cos there's one hell of a party going down at Moles next weekend. The brilliant Sounds of Harlowe are taking the stage. This is a band that have blown us away- both with this summer's festival performances and their Westfield appearance- because they are quite simply one of the best live bands around. Rap, rhythms and massive beats are wrapped up with tasty trumpets that are too good to turn down. You won't be able to stay still during this set...

Sunday 13th October

The Courtesans at The Underworld: Camden, London

*BONER WARNING!* If Fifty Shades of Grey made you blush, you better skip to the next listing. The Courtesans are one of the raciest bands out there right now, providing you with as much filthy fun as you can have with your clothes on. (You can slip em off if you really like though, we're sure they won't mind.) Consisting of four sensuous sirens of the fairer sex, sleazy rock n' roll's rough edges are blurred by seductive erotica and saucily atmospheric tunes that won't allow your eyes to drift away from the stage. Expect a theatrical show, an unforgettable performance, plenty of burlesque and boobs. Oh yes, there will be boobs. Think Portishead meets Nine Inch Nails and 'Eyes Wide Shut'.

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