05/12/2012 07:50 GMT | Updated 03/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Dec 10 - Dec 16 2012

As terrifying as it is, we are already looking on towards the gigs that take us into mid-December.

Time really does seem to be flying by; so if you haven't started thinking about doing your Christmas shopping yet you probably should get your arse in gear. If you haven't even got your list sent off to Santa, you really are screwed. The North Pole's postal service will be well and truly snowed under by now- quite literally.

But don't despair! You may end up with no presents in your stocking on Christmas morn, but there are plenty of amazing gigs for you to head out to in the coming weeks! In fact, there were so many great shows for this particular one that our decision-making process proved to be quite a brainache. It's been really hard choosing just five, but here they are.

Don't forget to follow the links to confirm your attendance to any of these shows as it shows everyone at Emerging Icons that new music is being supported up and down the country! You should also check out all of the other gigs coming up too. It's easy...

So here they are, this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live- loving picked by the team for your enjoyment...

Monday 10th December

Dead Social Club at The Bull & Gate: Kentish Town, London

Those scamps in Dead Social Club are throwing their Christmas Shindig this evening and we're all invited- yahoo! It's a wonderful time of year for everyone's favourite electronica fetishist indie band. Vocalist Paul told his fans, 'I love Christmas, those memories. I used to set traps with my little hobbit brother (he's in the army now, squaddie no. 34562) to catch the eternally furry old man. Never caught him. But my mother did have someone vicious trip wire marks most Xmas days.' Beautiful. There will be less snare traps and more snare drums on this occasion however, with their penchant for a bloody good beat is sure to set the dancefloor for meltdown. Get yourself a ticket; and as the band themselves would say, 'STAY SAFE AND SHOWER HARD'.

Wednesday 12th December

Emerging Icons Live at Islington Academy 2: Islington, London

It's here. It's finally here. It's the social event of not only the season, but the whole goddamn year. The Emerging Icons Live Tour is coming to London for one final date and it's going to be bloody spectacular. Annaca, Auction For The Promise Club and Tankus The Henge have been amazing audiences across the land, but their date with the capital is set to be absolutely incredible. We've got one of The Telegraph's TV Editors, Clive Morgan, coming down to compere proceedings; as well as a number of other distinguished guests all ready for some hardcore hobnobbing and musical revelry. This is going to be the party to end all parties- an eruption of cataclysmic melodic elation and (if Tankus have anything to with things) plenty of Skango action. Be there or... well, there's no other option actually.

Thursday 13th December

Lupine Bell at Esquires: Bedford, Bedfordshire

Lupine Bell are no strangers to the Top Five round-up; in fact we included them a few months ago when they were playing their first ever London show. The thing is, there's just something magic in their tunes that's so willing to give our little punk rock itches a f*cking good scratch. Their DIY sound is just so brazenly loud, confident and crammed full of attitude that it does the job nicely for us. There's an edge of lo-fi garage-rock in there that's going to make fans of The Vaccines shuffle around in appreciation, but it's the petulant kids inside each of us that's going to love the fact that these three don't mind venting all frustration as loudly as they can. We love these guys and you will too- so make sure you see them if you can.

Thursday 13th December

Tremors at The Queen Margaret Union: Glasgow, Scotland

Our trip to Glasgow with the Emerging Icons tour was even more fruitful than we could have possibly imagined. As well as a fantastic response to all three acts on the bill, we also made a number of amazing discoveries with the bands who came down to bring us a demo. We've featured many of them on our Emerging Icons Chart Show already- including the rather brilliant Tremors. Their self-titled track proved to be a great introduction to the dance-loving indie foursome, brimming full of funk and bass lines to get even the most lackadaisical of listeners moving. We can only imagine how lively a gig of theirs might be- so please make sure you go along to see them at The Queen Margaret Union tonight and tell us how it goes? We're imagining a very gradual, but heavy, build-up of sweat. Hmm, scrummy.

Saturday 15th December

The Lines at Wolverhampton Civic Hall: Wolverhampton, West Midlands

When we stumbled upon Wolverhampton-based band The Lines a couple of months ago, we were instantly impressed. Their sound is strong, energetic and absolutely primed for savaging the mainstream notions of indie. Drawing in plenty of synth and fast drum beats, their love for a bit of chaos on the dancefloor is glaringly obvious. With The Rapture, The Music and The Sunshine Underground having laid the foundations of their style, The Lines are the new 'The' to thoroughly own the limelight. It's a refreshing revival of the subgenre, boasting an extra slathering of guitar mastery to make sure it doesn't stray too far from their primarily rocky path. With this being a) a homecoming gig and b) Christmastime, we would stake a hell of a lot on the fact that this show is going to be something pretty special. Heads up- we reckon 'Glorious Aftermath' is going to sound EPIC live.

Keep coming back check in on our Emerging Icons and you'll never have to go without a good gig ever again...