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Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 28 January 28- 2 February 2013

Whether you live for the weekend or need a nice, mellow Monday- we've got five incredible shows for you to give some consideration.

Well, this has turned out tremendously well. It just so happens that this pick of live entertainment will see that your social calendar is filled up throughout next week- you can see something almost every day if you're up for the challenge!

Whether you live for the weekend or need a nice, mellow Monday- we've got five incredible shows for you to give some consideration. As always, if you follow the links you can be taken through to each artist's gig listings, and it's there you can personally inform your favourite acts that you plan to come along and support them. It's a beautiful thing... don'tcha think?

So, it is with great pleasure that we can reveal who has made it into this week's Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Monday 28th January

Many of you will have become familiar with Anna Pancaldi ever since she appeared in our 'You Need To Hear This' feature a couple of weeks ago. We found ourselves completely taken with an acoustic performance of 'Stay Right Here' that we discovered on the singer-songwriter's Emerging Icons profile; and the beautiful quality of her voice moved us to being just a little bit gushy. If we went to pieces over a video, we can quite safely assume that any live performance of hers is going to be utterly dazzling, so you really should make it if you can. With the emotive presence of Eva Cassidy and the folky soul of Joni Mitchell, you'll definitely enjoy this show with Anna tonight. If you don't, YOU HAVE A HEART OF STONE. No messing.

Wednesday 30th January

Emerging Icons Neotropics are hitting up their hometown tonight in support of Manchester's latest big-news band, The 1975. As snazzy as that sounds, this is in fact the latest in a long line of choice opening slots; with other live appearances seeing them share a stage with The Drums, Pulled Apart By Horses and Citizens to name but a few. Peddling dreamy pop with a synth-heavy vibe, each sumptuous track from this groove-loving trio evokes memories of long hot summers wearing bright colours and getting frisky in the sunset. True, their name may help towards such a conclusion, but it's most welcome whilst we pluck icicles from every orifice. Fans of M83, The Naked & Famous and more alt types like Forever The Sickest Kids should like this lot in equal measure.

Wednesday 30th January

Another week, and another ardent display of love and affection for the one and only Fjokra. They say you can have too much of a good thing, yet this is a band that proves such sentiments to be complete and utter bullsh*t. After battering the Half Moon in Putney last week, London just couldn't go too long without the multi-genre chaos of our Emerging Icons Headliner. Being the polite and obliging souls they are, Fjokra are coming back to rock your mother*cking world once more, this time at Monto Water Rats in King's Cross. If you missed out last time, shame on you. If you pass up on coming to this show? Then we're afraid that you may be a lost cause. Unique, insane and like nothing you'll have ever seen before... we cannot recommend this gig highly enough.

Thursday 31st January

Another prime support slot has fallen into the hands of PartyClub this week, which sees the synth-loving 'indiebounce' duo play alongside devastatingly cool Londoners, The History Of Apple Pie. Between the two of these acts, 'pop' has been completely snatched from the hands of One Direction and Taylor Swift to be restored to a much prouder place in our hearts. It's a place that's fun, loves a good beat and will keep you dancing til dawn. Expect big rhythms, shitloads of drums and melodies so infectious the NHS wants them to supply hand sanitiser at every door . We however, would love to see an outbreak of the giddiness inspired by PartyClub take over the country. The world would definitely feel like a brighter place.

Saturday 2nd February

This final choice is presented to you with a mixture of excitement (it'll be a blinding show) and just a little bit of sadness (sniff, sniff.) Tonight's gig at the Purple Turtle is in fact the last show that Dead Social Club will be putting on for some time. After this, the electronica-loving alt-rockers will be putting the band 'on the back burner for the considerable foreseeable future'. See, we told you it was upsetting. We've been assured that it won't be the end for good; and that there is even talk of some new material being on the cards before the year is out. However, as far as live performances go, you need to go get your fill right now. With their local crowd bound to turn out in force, the vibe will be lively and every single person will be there to dance; so don't hang around because you don't want to miss it.

Can't make any of these times or places, don't panic! There are shitloads of amazing shows just waiting to be discovered over on our gigs section. There's nothing better than a night of live music, so go check it out now!


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