10/10/2012 16:19 BST | Updated 09/12/2012 10:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 15 Oct - 21Oct 2012

As the temperature continues to drop, the need to be in an enclosed space full of sweating bodies becomes more and more appealing. To help you locate these havens of stinking warmth, we've got another five amazing gigs to get pencilled into your gig diary.

So here are the top five gigs that you just don't want to miss this week:

Friday 19 October

The Frequency at 100 Club: Oxford Street, London

At the first of two gems at 100 Club this week, The Frequency are going to be cranking shit up to eleven with their refreshing take on classic rock. Busting up from Bournemouth, the lads take the anthemic tunes and musicianship most often associated with your gyrating stadium rockers- and channel those vibes through something most definitely 'indie'. This lot would be much more comfortable in a parka and Weller haircut than animal print leggings and an outrageous mullet. However, you can still go to this gig expecting a confident stage presence and enormous melodies ... before drinking lager and holding the can aloft in a state of musical ecstasy.

Saturday 20 October

Fjokra at The Black Heart: Camden, London

There will have been many times in your life when you have sat rolling your eyes as some old dear or other has recounted repeatedly how they saw a legendary band before they hit the big time, in the dark dinge of a tiny pub. Well, now it's your turn. The instrumentational maniac Fjokra will be destroying a little corner of Camden on Saturday- and it'll to be that gig to tell the grandkids about. The schizophrenic hyper-blend of sounds, styles and dynamics this Emerging Icons Headliner produces often feels like an incredibly sexy form of musical Tourettes... and it's going to be orgasmic to witness live. There's a cheeky bonus in that The Black Heart is a blinding little venue too. BE THERE.

Saturday 20 October

Genna Marabese at 100 Club: Oxford Street, London

Lady Gaga thought she was onto a winner when she popped on that dress of bacon and steaks- but actually her efforts pale in comparison to the artistic integrity and individuality of Ms Genna Marabese. This is a performer who really knows how to push the boundaries of creativity- her video for 'Masquerade' features 'oversized winged poncho made from scrap material, a fashion changing mannequin, a framed bin bag dress and a 12ft canvas which Genna manipulates with paint throughout with her bare hands'. Oh, and she's hot. With influences including Bowie and Reed, this evening will contain sublime alt tunes and sultry stage presence. Screw Gaga.

Sunday 21 October

Fans Of Faye at Walkabout: Wolverhampton, Midlands

Wondering why you recognise this name? Well, it might be because we featured Fans Of Faye on the site a couple of weeks ago when we got quite into megatrack 'Paint The Sun'. The chirpy little 'pop punk-meets indie at a You Me At Six gig' vibe that caught our attention was mirrored by all the fans that sent the single flying up the iTunes rock chart this summer- and they'll no doubt turn out in force for this show. In a rather informed act of decision-making, the band are choosing to focus their attention on building up their following around their native Midlands region for now- but we're sure we'll be seeing this lot hitting venues across the country in no time at all. We're first in queue for groupie vacancies. Soz.

Sunday 21 October

Onions at 2022NQ : Northern Quarter, Manchester

We love onions. They liven up a salad or simple pasta dish with ease, not to mention keep all those French stereotypes alive. We also love Onions. Whilst their contribution to our lives may be significantly less culinary-based, they do in fact enrich our musical palate with a most flavoursome style. The Manchester-based trio are spreading some of their wholesome oddity-driven pop tunes at A Carefully Planned Festival #2 in the city centre's Northern Quarter at the weekend. Fusing aspects of psychedelic electronica with good ole' fashioned garage rock n' roll, they still maintain a sound that can only ever belong to them on account of being so... well, weird. Be sure not to miss them if you have the chance to be there.

Make sure you're back here next week to get the next Top Five for EI Live and you'll never have to go without a good gig again...