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Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 21 Jan - 27 Jan 2013

Here's this week's top five Emerging Icons Live... miss them at your peril!

Well, while some of you may be panic-buying supplies or investing in new wellies - we have to say we're worried about the weather reports more than most. We can't get snowed in... we have too many gigs we need to get to!

With our fingers crossed for some milder temperatures, we've got five more gigs to get lined up in your diary for the coming week. When you love new music as much as we do, we know you'll want to get yourselves organised - so don't forget that you can follow the links to get the listings added to your personal gig calendar. It's dead easy...

So without further ado, here's this week's top five Emerging Icons Live... miss them at your peril!

Thursday 24 January

Tonight's gig comes from the highest of personal recommendations possible. Emerging Icons went down to watch (some may even go as far as 'stalk') Passport To Stockholm at the Troubadour last month, and we had an awesome time. As well as stuffing our faces with mince pies and having a great little interview with the guys, we were treated to a performance as engaging as it was entertaining thanks to their innovative approach to indie pop. With just a cellist, a guitarist and a singer on stage, this creative trio manage to summon a sound as full and energetic as a band twice their size. It does also help that all of their tunes are catchy as f*ck. We strongly urge you to go along to this show. You won't have seen anything quite like it; and in their words, they are giving it acoustic music a "good seeing to on a daily basis." Prepare to have your perception of the genre changed for good.

Thursday 24 January

Bringing a touch of pop glamour to this week's listings is Clara Bond, a colossal talent you have the opportunity to go and see in the very intimate setting of Hammersmith's Regal Room. Despite being a young performer, her career has already seen her rack up tens of thousands of YouTube hits, be interviewed by the BBC countless times, appear on the NME's website ... oh, and attend the red carpet at Cannes in support of her film soundtrack. If this is what she's achieved before gaining widespread fame, can you possibly imagine what her future holds in store? With a voice that is both beautiful and powerful, Taylor Swift had better enjoy her time as the world's #1 pop princess because it looks like her reign won't be lasting long...

Friday 25th January

Our fairytale relationship with Signal Aurora began a couple of months ago, when Emerging Icons trekked the far-away climes of the mystical land of Manchester. With our magical Metropolis showcase of artists in tow, we were already expecting a sh*t hot night of new music... but who could have imagined that fate would allow our paths to cross with Wigan's own Signal Aurora, when they turned up with a demo in hand? It was written in the stars that we should find them - and with music that's melancholic, anthemic and truly epic; this rocking indie four-piece are gonna sound outstanding when they take on local favourite Dry Bar tonight. If you're into Feeder, Snow Patrol or any soul-stirring guitar work, then this one's for you.

Saturday 26 January

We're off to Scotland next, as Sonic Templars hit Bakers Nightclub with the rather spectacularly named Outstandifold and The Wettygrippers. Fresh from releasing their Breaking Silence EP, the Glaswegian rockers are already working to make 2013 an amazing year for the band, with this show being a prelude to opening for ex-Buzzcocks legend Steve Diggle in February. When you add that gig to their list of past support slots for The View, members of Ocean Colour Scene and The Bluetones, you not only get an idea of genre, but of quality when it comes to this group. Driven by roaring guitar and growling vocal, Sonic Templars bring to mind acts such as Stereophonics and Idlewild, so you already know you're in for a good time there.

Saturday 26 January

While we all know that venturing anywhere near Midsomer increases your chances of being murdered by a staggering 800%, we still strongly urge you take the risk and check out Centrefolds at The Wunderbar tonight. Endorsed by John Nettles (probably), the relentlessly infectious sound this indie-pop set are capable of makes any gig of theirs truly unmissable... not to mention offering you a prime opportunity to go out and dance. Throwing in touches of electronica, krautrock and a unique secret ingredient, we've never heard a more perfect description for anything than these words from Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson; "More hooks than Abu Hamza in velcro. There's swagger, there's verve, the complete package." We feel there is nothing more we need to add. Just, go.

Can't make it to these shows? Don't panic! There are gigs going on all the time, all over the country. If you need a little help, just watch this:


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