05/02/2013 10:42 GMT | Updated 07/04/2013 06:12 BST

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 11 February - 17 February 2013

Looking for some live new music to get stuck into? Well, you've come to the right place! As always, we've got five fantastic Emerging Icons lined up to be added to your personal gig calendar, as each of them have shows to rock your world next week.

Looking for some live new music to get stuck into? Well, you've come to the right place! As always, we've got five fantastic Emerging Icons lined up to be added to your personal gig calendar, as each of them have shows to rock your world next week.

You can let the artists know that you're planning to go along to their shows simply by clicking on the links below and saying 'YES'- you're attending! Give it a go- if these guys know how to do it then you'll be getting the hang of it in no time...

So here they are, the gigs you need to get down to... our Top Five Emerging Icons Live!

Tuesday 13th February

The Gin Circle at Enterprise: Camden, London

A very wise and reputable new music source once said of The Gin Circle; 'We reckon that if The Strokes had been brought up in Leicestershire and schooled by Brit legends like The Kinks and The Stones, they may have ended up sounding a bit like this.' Do you know why we know said source should be heeded? Well... it's because it was us. While we may have to wait a while for the vogue of self-quotation to catch on, we still very much stand by what we said. Such comparisons alone should provide plenty of reason as to why you need to be planning your trip to Camden tonight, but on top of that, this lot also have a cracking back catalogue and a fully defined sound to help get your indie groove on. For spirited rock n' roll look no further... crack open that Hendricks and let the good times flow.

Tuesday 13th February

Abigail Hubbard at The Underbelly: Hoxton, London

Abigail is a promising trip hop artist who has already caught the eye of our Universal music scout, Simon Li. Heaping praise on her charismatic vocal identity, he called it ' a warped Beth Gibbons/Bjork blend, but still hinting at her own character as well.' It's so unusual in fact that she's also reminded us of quirky Icelandic musician Olof Arnalds before; using the shapes and textures her voice can create to be as instrumental as any of the electronic loops and bleeps involved in her songs. This is set to be an extremely cool night of daring, experimental music in an equally cool nook of East London. We strongly urge you to go along to see what it's all about- perhaps trying the most unusual sounding cocktail on The Underbelly's menu to keep the spirit of adventure at a maximum.

Saturday 16th February

The Move-Ons at Monto Water Rats: King's Cross, London

Brightonian indie types The Move-Ons are a band on the brink of something big. The infectiousness of their hooks and live energy on stage have been making a huge impression on every new fan they gain. If you need any proof... there's already folk getting Move-Ons lyrics tattooed on them. That's the literal mark of some serious musicians right there. Towards the end of last year, the rocking foursome disappeared to graft in the studio for a while; the result being four brand new tunes. If you're able to head along to Monto Water Rats tonight you'll no doubt be able to hear them exactly how they were meant to be received- rough, ready and fantastically loud. This is the Saturday night out you've been looking for.

Sunday 17th February

Tom Tyler at St James Theatre: Pimlico, London

Joining a bill that also features singer-songwriters Si Connelly and Johnny Lucas, Emerging Icons star of London 2012 Tom Tyler has a big show to look forward to tonight. As he takes to the stage in the intimate surroundings of the Studio at Pimlico's St James' Theatre, this date will not only showcase some fine fresh talent, but also raise plenty of cash for humanitarian charity, GOAL. It's a good excuse to go out and enjoy some uplifting music in a stylish venue- all in the name of a fantastic cause. With Tom's infectious pop tunes to look forward to, it's a perfect way to spend your Sunday evening.

Sunday 17th February

Troubadour at St. Bede's Club: Chorley, Lancashire

Consisting of an acoustic folk duo, Troubadour's sound came about through a mutual love of the great outdoors and venturing through nature; inspiring a real sense of romance in their sound. We're not talking Brokeback Mountain style when we say that by the way- we really should clarify- we just mean that there's a real sense of authenticity to the tunes that can only have originated from jamming by the warmth of a campfire under the stars. It's a richly rambling vibe with a countrified edge that conjure images of vast, open landscapes in a similar way that Neil Young's acoustic tracks or America's 'Horse With No Name' do. It seems most appropriate therefore, that Troubadour should have already transported their music stateside; but tonight they're on local territory in their native North West. Supporting country singer Fred Eaglesmith, this should be a fantastic soundtrack to your Sunday, so do check it out if you can.

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