12/12/2012 07:37 GMT | Updated 10/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: Dec 17th- Dec 23rd 2012

We may very well be in the middle of preparations for our grand finale show of the Emerging Icons Live Tour this week; but that's not to say that we're not already looking ahead to what other gigs we have to look forward to.

Christmas Parties are taking place across the land - and plenty of our Emerging Icons want to have a bit of a shindig with you during this festive season too. We've found another five shows that you're going to want to get on your gig calendar this week, so check them out and let them know that you're attending!

So, music-lovers across the land- here are this week's top five Emerging Icons Live...

Wednesday 19th December

Turrentine Jones at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen: Hoxton, London

First off this week we have the pride of Manchester visiting the heart of East London as Turrentine Jones rip things up at 1883 Magazine's rather swanky second showcase. We wouldn't expect anything but a slick and stylish selection a la T.J. from one of the coolest indie mags out there- and we reckon the filthy rock n rollers are gonna be giving the hipster kids the horn. Channelling all that was so very dirty and so very right about the sixties heyday of rocking blues, the trio call to mind The Doors,The Animals and every other sleaze god of the era. With such sonic smut in abundance you know you want to be there.

Thursday 20th December

Muted Fnord at The Crumbling Cookie: Leicester, Leicestershire

Take a walk on the dark side and check out Muted Fnord tonight. True, you may struggle to pronounce their name when you suggest it to your mates, but once you're there that will completely disappear from your mind. We would probably liken the experience of their tunes as getting lost on a woodland camping trip with Robert Smith and Bjork- your torch has busted and you've only had some mushrooms you found growing nearby to sustain you through the night. Trippy? Yes. Engaging? Definitely so. Lovers of 'edgy electronica', 'something different' and 'massively 80s influenced new wave' should give this a go fo' sho'.

Friday 21st December

The Moth Lantern at The Prince Rupert: Newark, Nottinghamshire

Our ole' muckers The Moth Lantern are back at The Prince Rupert this fine eve to see out the last days of advent with a jolly good knees up and a few cracking tunes. They've almost become a regular feature in our weekly listings- a sharp, shiny beacon of banter and showmanship that can be relied upon come rain or shine. The fact of the matter is that having hosted the guys a few times this summer at London 2012, we came to love their warm stage presence and friendly invitation to (indie) rock out to their gorgeous melodies. Never a disappointment, this is a very safe bet in terms of keeping you entertained.

Friday 21st December

Stop Press! At The Enterprise: Camden, London

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful... even so, Stop Press can possibly keep you even toastier still! They'll be bringing a little taste of sunshine to the evening, as the London quartet serve up a flavoursome blend of ska, reggae and rock like a deliciously fresh, fruity cocktail. Just like such boozy treats, Stop Press have also been proven to treble the likelihood of you dancing before the night is through- their infectiously spiky rhythms being just too good to resist for many.

Sunday 23rd December

Gee Lo and the Dipole at The Oakwood: Glossop, Derbyshire

While they may have given a little more away in their interview with us last week, there is still something of an enigmatic and mysterious presence surrounding Gee Lo and the Dipole. They like to claim that it's just because they're crap at social media... but we like to think that it's because they are in fact a troupe of nu-jazz ninjas, secretly planning a funky attack from a replica Batcave in the wild sprawling plains of Manchester. Either way, you can get to see the trio, live and in real life- in tonight's Radio Shed line-up at The Oakwood. The former Emerging Icons Chart Show Number One tune 'A Little Bit Of Dust' is bound to make the setlist, and that alone makes it a gig that needs attending.

Keep coming back to Emerging Icons and you'll never have to go without a good gig ever again...