09/07/2013 19:03 BST | Updated 08/09/2013 06:12 BST

You Need To Hear This: Featuring Emerging Icons Longfellow, The Dark Lights, Mr. Smith and Neotropics

The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. A wise man once noted how it made him want to move his dancing feet- so we've taken it upon ourselves to put together a bunch of brilliant new artists for you to have a summery groove to this week.

The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet. A wise man once noted how it made him want to move his dancing feet- so we've taken it upon ourselves to put together a bunch of brilliant new artists for you to have a summery groove to this week.

As your #1 place for new music, Emerging Icons has got literally thousands of amazing new musicians just waiting to be discovered. We just like to kick things off with just a handful to whet your appetite with each week- offering just a glimpse of the kind of talent that lies in wait.

Have a peek at what we think of this lovely lot below- and if you like what you hear, follow the links to visit each artist's profile on Emerging Icons. Once you're there you can listen to all of their tunes and even add your favourites to your own personal playlist on Emerging Icons Radio if you like. Just do what this fella does...

So are you ready to discover some new artists? Yeah, course you are! Let's go...

Longfellow - Gabrielle

First up this week, we've got an absolute stunner of a video from our ole' muckers, Longfellow. 'Gabrielle' is the name of their sublime new single, and it's been far too long since we heard some new tunes from this lot if you ask us. Aside from the charming yuletide offering we featured in our Christmas special, it's been bloomin ages since we caught up with them. While the radio silence across all of their online platforms almost became too much to bear, we were pleased to hear it was because the London-based five-piece were busy grafting hard in the studio for the past few months. Listening to this brand new tune it's clear that there has been a very subtle change in direction to that melancholic pop-meets-folk formula we've always loved; but we reckon it might be a sound that guides them ever-closer to making their break. They are still very much ones to watch- particularly if they start coming at you with surgical instruments as frontman Owen discovered to his cost...

The Dark Lights - Stop Existing, Start Living EP

Emerging Icons electro faves The Dark Lights have dropped their highly anticipated second EP, 'Stop Existing, Start Living'. Boasting four tracks packing all the depth, darkness and melody we've come to expect from the "Australian-Anglo-Portuguese quartet", it's a brilliant way to round off their recent nationwide tour. With their influences ranging from At The Drive In to Interpol and The Smiths, there's the raw aggression in the drumming of the indie rock elements that fuse impeccably with the electronic side of proceedings. It's not an easy feat to pull off that's for sure- but they've done both genres proud. From the anthemic climax of 'Clear The Air' to the more restrained performance of 'Ghosts', this is a record that will be ticking a lot of boxes for a very broad audience. Go have a gander.

Mr. Smith - Bittersweet

While Emerging Icons are most definitely all about the music, we have to admit that we can be suckers for a snappy dress sense. As much as the satisfaction of our ears remains top priority, it's always good when an act has 'the look' to match. Well, it took just one glimpse of those stylish young whippersnappers in Mr Smith and we knew we would be sold. We bloody love a bowtie. Neckwear aside, this fresh Utah four-piece seem to have the full package to go far- and 'Bittersweet' is a beaut of a tune to become acquainted with this summer. Upbeat and melodic, the edgy pop sound meets a charismatic vocal that brings to mind your Kids In Glass Houses types. It's defo worth a listen.

Neotropics - Reflections

It's with great pleasure that we bring the latest offering from Neotropics to your music-lovin' attention. 'Reflections' is a scorching little number from the Bristol-based epic-noise-mongers, falling in line with our theory that this lot are just getting better and better. In a love affair that started out with us having 'Innocent Wild' and 'Always and Never' playing on a constant loop in our personal playlists; we've also had the pleasure of seeing the alt trio recently join our summer festival bill and have 'Sunrise' shortlisted for Absolute Radio airplay. The impressive sense of presence and creative identity that flows throughout their sound comes from an eclectic bunch of influences that have flavoured the Neotropics vibe incredibly delicately. This tune is an incredibly tasty treat. Just go to their profile and have a listen quick, before it just sounds like we're comparing them to a marinade or something.

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