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St Valentines Story Inspired by Erno Laszlo

'Beauty is ageless' said Erno Laszlo. His signature under these words and his dedication to Beauty make him the utmost authority. His Beauty is an inspired dedication to a vision, a vision that requires a dream. Once there is a dream, the beauty ritual becomes the pursuit. And it cannot do else, but inspire and convert.

Early morning in London's moody weather. The skies are heavy grey, dark cloudy rays of light come through the window. But Beauty doesn't care, it has a different light, that shines within and makes the moody disappear, by blending in a ritual that every woman would find dear.

'Beautiful skin requires comittment, not a miracle'. Erno Laszlo sounds stern at first. The 4 stages of its daily beauty ritual read like a regime, yet his own comitment and that of his most loyal customers can't do else but spell-bound:

"I owe 50% of my beauty to my mother and the other 50% to Erno Laszlo" once said Audrey Hepburn. Grace Kelly, Jackie O, Marylin Monroe, Katherine Hepburn... Most Iconic women of today, it seems, had their own vision of beauty firmly grounded in Erno Laszlo. Their handwritten words and letters testify to the power of regimen and dedication.

It was a rainy morning in London, the type of grey, cloudy spirit that descended to prevent her from looking at life as black and white. It made it neither this nor that. On that St Valentines day she didn't mind the grey. Feeling wonderful and feminine, she was going to breathe in the air of her favourite city as it was.

She strolled past the checked porches and clicking umbrellas and found herself enjoying the ageless elegant beauty of the black and white London.

She felt the freshness of English rain drops and French croissants. She walked past Harrods against a backdrop of clicking tourist cameras and sounds of mixed speech of babylonic proportions.

'Believe in Your Dreams' said her favourite necklace and she did on this special St Valentines day in London, inspired by the timeless classics and iconic beauty.

This fashion story was photographed by talented London photographer Oleg Skrinda.

With special thank you to Erno Laszlo Institute in New York.

Inspiring jewellery 'Believe in your dreams' and 'Truly Blessed' by Elizaveta Yurlasova of EVJ Jewellery

Beautiful, warm knitwear dress and jacket by a London brand Lana Siberie

Head scarf with young artist drawings by Ekaterina Demidova for Wrqed, now stocked in Browns London

Hair design by the Creative Director of Ora Salon, Massimo di Stefano

Happy St Valentines, 'Believe in Your Dreams'!