The family-run restaurant, near Harrods, has been targeted three times in an attack with no obvious motive.
Zamira Hajiyeva has lost a Court of Appeal challenge against the UK’s first unexplained wealth order.
Union bosses say 97% of workers were in favour of industrial action, where unpaid overtime and lengthy shifts on constant "high alert" are the norm.
Zamira Hajiyeva is alleged to have been a member of an “organised criminal group.”
A To'ak chocolate bar is one of the world's most expensive, at £400 a bar in Harrods. Harvested from a single origin cacao tree, considered the “holy grail” of cacao trees in Ecuador. The makers hope people will enjoy and experience the chocolate as they do fine wines and whiskies.
Zamira Hajiyeva is the first person to be targeted by the UK’s new anti-corruption tool: the unexplained wealth order. Hajiyeva’s millions’ worth of property and extravagant shopping sprees are under investigation.