29/12/2016 06:54 GMT | Updated 30/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Why A Relationship Is The Next Step For Your Career

You have it all... a dream job, a fancy car, friends who'd do anything for you, so what's missing?

London has the highest percentage of singles in the UK, meaning that it's not just the capital of the UK, but also the capital of the young, wealthy, attractive, and single professionals. So with all these successful professionals, why are more not coupling off together and tying the knot?

Quite simply, most find that living in London is usually commitment enough. The cost of living in London is extortionately high, and Londoners spend over fifty percent of their income on rent. With such a large financial investment required simply to live in a city, the pressure to get ahead in their career and be successful is a sword of Damocles hanging at all times over their heads.

Instead of spending quite so much time on their careers, though, is an equally good investment spending time on building a relationship? And far from the age-old reluctance to hire a married woman out of fear of the maternity leave, why should you be looking for a relationship if you want to build your career?

A Relationship From an Executive Dating Agency is Great For Networking

If you meet your partner through a dating agency for professionals in London, then you can you can be sure of several things. They will match your professional aspirations, so if you're both looking to climb the corporate ladder then this won't be an issue. You'll both have corporate connections in London, and together you can work to become a power couple.

If you or your partner have company dinners or events, doesn't it look much better to have someone by your side who makes intelligent conversation and impresses your boss? Never underestimate the power of a partner who reflects well on you, just look at the Obamas and how Michelle and Barack are paired so well together.

A Supportive Relationship Can Support Your Career

If you have frustrations at work, then a supportive environment at home can make all the difference. Someone who understands, and offers help, empathy, and offers solutions means that you can go into work the next morning fresh and ready to take on the office.

While there has been some debate about why men shouldn't date a career women, reading through this debate by two editors at Forbes magazine makes it pretty clear that the man's point of view is outdated and short-sighted. Having a happy lovelife can help your physical and mental health, which in turns progresses you in your career as you're more motivated and mentally stimulated. Having support from home, and praise for your achievements, is invaluable if you really want career success.

A Partner With a Five Year Plan Can Help Actualise Yours

Do you have a one year, three year, and five year plan? If you work in the city, then the chances are that your answer's yes. The majority of high-flying careers have major setbacks at some stage, and Henry Ford, Bill Gates, and J.K Rowling all failed before achieving their success and renown.

When we fail, it's easy to become demotivated. Even the most focused among us have felt like giving up at some point. Having a partner who is as driven as you can help keep you on track, even when you hit rock bottom. Using an executive dating service is the perfect way to make sure that your five year plans match up, so you can push each other and succeed together.

Of course, career should never be the main motive for a relationship. There's nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love and sharing your life with someone. Love is a mysterious emotion that we centre our lives around as well as the inspiration of songs, literature, and films for centuries. Whatever motivates you to find it, there's nothing quite like the support of a loving relationship - for your career, your happiness, and the future of what's yet to come.