07/11/2013 12:13 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Bring Back Control Orders

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. This week a terror suspect dangerous enough to be under constant surveillance stuck on a burqa and disappeared.

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed is believed to have fought on the front line in Somalia. He is thought to have links to extremist group al-Shabaab that recently slaughtered 67 in a Kenyan shopping mall.

Except he didn't simply disappear at all. He didn't become ninja burqa, snap his fingers and teleport himself to some terrorist front line. He was helped. Helped by a devious network of co-conspirators determined to beat the justice system.

If you want an answer as to why he had access to that network look no further than our liberal friends in the coalition. They express disbelief at the need to protect British citizens from these people, calling control measures "disproportionate, unnecessary and objectionable".

Wishy washy liberals didn't agree with the old Control Orders created in 2005 to protect us from terrorists. They made a promise to the handful of people that vote for them in the last election that they would do away with them.

Liberals are fighting for the rights of those that do wrong. Instead of being able to forcibly move these men of malice as far away from their network as possible, we leave them to roam freely amongst the extremists that support them.

Instead of banning access to phones or internet, we now encourage them to keep in touch. Here is your telecoms network, go forth, plot and multiply. And instead of keeping them in homes monitored cost effectively via security tags,

They have to be watched for up to 14 hours a day. This makes life for MI5 surveillance teams virtually impossible. Not only are we paying to keep these suspected terrorists in our country. We are also paying to watch them too.

We have changed: "sit there, shut up and behave" to "go where you want, live where you like, do as you please".

Another suspected terrorist managed to dodge security on Boxing Day last year. He has not been seen again.

An extra £20million was needed to cover the cost of MI5 following these idiots around all day when Control Orders were rejected. Little wonder security forces struggle to track of them, particularly when one is dressed as a woman in a burka.

Boris Johnson says it is time to go back to the old system that worked. I want to go forward to a time when Britain fights for the rights of those that do the right thing.

Most us us are happy working hard, caring for our families and keeping an eye out for Grandma. We will join the back of a queue, make room for someone to sit down, buy a beer for a mate or make a cup of tea for a stranger.

Most of us do the right thing, most of the time. People like Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed need to be put back under a Control Order so tight it chafes. Most of all they need to sit down, shut up and behave.