06/08/2013 18:48 BST | Updated 06/10/2013 06:12 BST

Twitter Silence Sums Up Everything Men Hate About Women


"It's not fair" shouts my daughter, slams the door and stomps off to her room for a good sulk.

"It's not fair" shouts Caitlin Moran, slams the laptop down and stomps off to her room for a good #twittersilence.

The thing about sulking is that unless someone needs you to come down from your room, it is pretty pointless stuff. The person sulking starts to twiddle their thumbs and wonder why they are all alone in their room and why no one cares.

Men don't tend to do sulking. If there is an issue, they address the issue. Everyone feels better and cracks on with their day job. Later they will go for a drink and talk about cricket.

Equally, if you are going to play the PMT card and stomp about in your Doc Martens because you are so very 'down with the dungarees' brigade, you really need to be sure you haven't been a bit of an arse on Twitter yourself. Duplicity does not work.

Welby managed to demonstrate with this with some panache earlier in the month. Criticizing Wonga and threatening to compete them out of business is not such a fabulous idea when your Church pension fund supports Wonga. Increasing hits to Wonga's website that week by 10% through his religious ranting is undoubtedly a further blow.

Moran, like some pervert priest trying to be pious, based her sulk on the fact that trolls are awfully nasty on Twitter and shouldn't be allowed to say such things. Solidarity sister! After all who would say such terrible things?

Cailtin would.

I wish women like Caitlin would get a grip. Stop sulking and crack on with sorting out the problem. Talk to Twitter, resolve the issue, get a plan in place, and head up action, not reaction.

Stop venting spleen about men and their misdemeanors when you haven't been entirely sisterly yourself.

For god's sake, if you want to have a sulk, don't try and involve the rest of us. We don't want to join the all girls' team. We prefer to run with the boys.