13/07/2017 07:13 BST | Updated 13/07/2017 07:13 BST

Holidaying With Your Dog

Summer time is travel time - and of course a holiday is even better if you take man's best friend with you. While some dogs love a journey to adventure, others can become quite anxious. Here's everything you need to know about dogs travelling and how to make it pleasant for you and your four legged companion.

Detailed planning

A holiday with dogs must be, above all, one that is well planned. If you are anxious and worried this will affect your dog's mood as well. Think carefully about the where, how and when of your trip. Research the region, accommodation and your estimated time of arrival, so you can make sure you bring enough food and essentials.

Holiday region

For a holiday with a dog, you should choose a destination that is not too hot. In addition, cities can also be less suitable, however, your four-legged friend will no doubt love sprawling on the beach or near a lake. This can, of course, be different for every animal. The important thing is that you pay attention to the entry regulations of your holiday country. You can also plan excursions in advance, but consider would the local hikes be too strenuous? How do they react to people and crowds? Will they be okay on busy streets where people buy souvenirs for example?


Make sure you inform the hotel, the holiday home, the campsite etc beforehand and check pets are allowed. Be mindful that you may have to pay extra costs to find the best accommodation for you and your companion.

Getting there

If you want to travel by air, it is advisable to check with your airline about the exact requirements for travelling with dogs. Most vendors only approve four-legged animals up to a certain weight and want the animal to remain in a transport container throughout the flight. Think first about whether bringing your dog with you really is a relaxed start to the holiday for them and you.

Laws of train travel in Europe can vary widely. When travelling on trips to Austria, Switzerland or Italy, small dogs are free of charge in a transport container, but large travelling dogs are not allowed on train journeys to Italy. In Germany you have to be led on a leash and carry a muzzle, otherwise you can face expulsion from the train. An exception to this rule are blind guide dogs or companion dogs of the severely handicapped, these may also be taken at any time free of charge.

You may find it easiest to travel with your dog by car. By car, you have more freedom to decide when you and your pet can take a break.


Make sure you are really clear of the treatments/regulations you must follow. The UK has some clear rules on pets returning/entering the UK. They must be:

• microchipped

• have pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate

• vaccinated against rabies

• dogs must also usually have a tapeworm treatment

Pets can be put into quarantine for up to 4 months if you don't follow these rules. You can learn more about the pet rules of travel here.


It is best to keep to your usual feeding routine on holiday. Deferring from the usual routine could create stress for your pet. Dry and wet foods are usually accessible but if you want your pet's nutrition to remain consistent and you take it easily it is advisable to bring food with you. Even raw feeding can be frozen in a cool box or transported within reason. If you feed this diet make arrangements so that you have a fridge or a freezer in your accommodation.

How can I keep my dog calm?

Each dog reacts differently to changed circumstances. Some love adventure, others would prefer to stay at home and take a long time to get used to strange places. Therefore, you should always consider whether it is the right thing to take your dog on a journey with you. Sometimes a temporary stay with friends or professional caretakers can be more suitable if your dog reacts badly to change.

AniForte® Calm & Relax has a supportive effect in cases of nervousness and stress. It relaxes and calms with the pure power of nature. If you know your dog gets anxious when they travel it can be helpful to give them anti-anxiety herbs or capsules a few weeks before your holiday. The active ingredient formula made from natural raw materials soothes and makes them much more relaxed.