25/11/2015 05:41 GMT | Updated 24/11/2016 05:12 GMT

Showcase Your Best Skin - Party Season Survival Tips

As the Christmas lights are being switched on everywhere. Starbucks and Costa have their Gingerbread Latte's and Eggnog Latte's taking over as the comfort drink of the moment. There's a real Christmas vibe in the air and we're only a few short weeks away. The LBD's and sparkly numbers are headlining shop window displays and the party invites are streaming in. You're excited and you're ready for the festive party season...but is your skin party ready?

There's no point showcasing your best Christmas party outfit, only to feel let down by your complexion. The more parties you attend, the more you drink, the less sleep you have and the more lacklustre the skin becomes, unless you're savvy and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

This post consists of some simple tips and tricks that can help your skin to feel gorgeous, whilst looking radiant and glowing.


The skin needs a constant stream of antioxidants to protect it against damaging free radicals. Free radical damage robs our skin of its radiance and more youthful appearance. Feed your skin a constant flow with brightly coloured fruits and veggies. Think, a purple or green smoothie blended with chia seeds for protein and hydration (chia seeds absorb and hold water). Purple smoothie - Beetroot, blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries. Green smoothie, cucumber (mostly made of water and contains silica), spinach, creamy avocado, pear, spirulina. Get adventurous with your smoothie concoctions. Use more veg than fruit to reduce the sugar content. Consider adding a super greens powder to pack an even bigger punch.

Hydration & Collagen

Skin will never feel or look its best unless it is hydrated. Think of the difference between fresh fruit and dried fruit. One is plump and juicy looking, and the latter is shrivelled, dry and wrinkly. We all know we should drink plenty of water. It really does make an incredible difference to the skin. There are also a number of collagen drinks available now in the beauty market. Drinking a collagen drink will help to plump up the skin from within to give that more youthful and healthy appearance.

Hydrating Skincare

Using a potent serum that is packed with antioxidants and active ingredients that will hydrate, plump up, protect and repair the skin is one of the best investments you can make for your skin. A serum can penetrate much deeper in the layers of the skin than a cream can. At this time of year, a rich hydrating cream over the top is like a comfort blanket of nourishing replenishment.

Skin Radiance

A top tip I learned and LOVE. Before you apply your foundation or bb cream apply a small amount of oil to your skin and blend your base with this. Seriously, this gives your skin the most radiant glow, especially under soft lighting at parties. It helps skin to feel more hydrated and moisturised all evening, which also helps to disguise any fine lines.

Pamper & Peel

Pre-party preparation absolutely has to include a light peel or some kind of exfoliation. You may have an exfoliating tool of some kind, like the Clarisonic or a cloth. A product or tool that will help you to dissolve and whisk away dead surface skin cells will leave your skin smooth, glowing and clear of any dry patches. Exfoliation means that your other skincare products can be absorbed more easily and your makeup will go on more smoothly.

Luscious Lashes

The best lash treatment you can ever use isn't one that costs £80. It's pure and simple organic castor oil. If you massage this into your lashes every evening, you'll be amazed at the difference in growth. Google it, you'll find hundreds of reviews. I much prefer this to fiddly false lashes that pull out half of your own when you remove them, or they're suddenly hanging on your cheek whilst you're in conversation with someone you just met at the party!

Oh and if you can - you really should, remove that makeup when you get in and apply something nourishing to the skin...whatever is to hand. It makes all the difference.