05/03/2015 05:33 GMT | Updated 04/05/2015 06:59 BST

The Curse of Apathy: Why Don't We Believe in Ourselves?

Apathy is a strange curse.

I recently conversed with a friend over the diminishing motivation of my generation. It's not that we're lazy, nor are we disinterested in the workings of our planet, but there is a heightened degree of the 'It will never happen' attitude.

When strangers, colleagues, friends and family ask me what I want at the end of it all - that is, my degree and my addiction to my subject (ie: my life) - the answer is startlingly simply.

I want people to be fully educated on the realities of the War on Drugs and for the extent of that education to be reflected in global law and policy.

'That will never happen. Drugs are illegal and they always will be,' is the response I'm usually met with.

Well with that attitude, no fucking wonder.

It's okay, I understand that most people haven't had the same experiences myself and my colleagues have when it comes to this subject. When most British people use drugs they don't have to go to a rough neighbourhood, risk being shot or having their tyres slashed or car stolen.

Perhaps this is the case in central London but in general, most people's drug dealers are Average Joe's just shotting here and there to make a small living.

The global industry that is drug production, trafficking and consumption is hidden from view and depicted in action movies on the big screen and patronising pamphlets in our GP surgery.

I intend to write, create and inform the next and current generations on the inner workings of the drug trade and it's impact on individuals, communities and now, entire countries.

Prohibition doesn't work. Did you know that the 'if we legalise it, more people will use it' argument has absolutely no basis in scientific study? Claiming that ridiculous assumption as fact is like me saying, 'well I'm actually Jesus, I just pretend to be a Welsh journalist for kicks, lol sorry not sorry'.

If that were the case, Portugal would be an entire nation of drug addicts.


Copyright Kay Smythe 2013 - Look, Lisbon is fine!

This is the biggest and baddest myth of the drug trade and it's embarrassing how many people I hold dear to me that believe it. I'd argue it's my number one pet peeve but I can't stand people that play with their food, so now it resides at #2.

The great thing is that I do truly believe that I can change this dated and cynical attitude toward the drug industry through my work. It's a huge task but there is nothing else I'd rather do.

My dream is to change the conclusions to the same study we've been researching since the dawn of time - the science is there, it's just the telling people that's left to do.

You see, if you continue to tell yourself you can't do something your limits will become your downfall. They will be the reason you're never quite happy enough with your life.


Copyright Woodin 2014 - This generation has a choice, just like all those before it

The curse of apathy has escaped me. I can only hope that my example will help others realise their full potential and that the only thing that is needed for a change is for people to believe it can happen.

Stop setting yourselves limits - we're a beautiful species and you have the ability to make decisions.

Vote in the general election this year.

Follow your passions.

We live in a democracy. Exploit that right!