03/02/2015 12:05 GMT | Updated 05/04/2015 06:59 BST

How to Use Your Big Ideas

When I started my business I was fearless, tenacious, ambitious, passionate and totally in love with my job. Fast forward forty years and guess what - I'm fearless, tenacious, ambitious, passionate and TOTALLY in love with my job... What keeps this spark alive is big ideas YOU have and they're incredibly important to pay attention to every day.

A big idea usually comes from a small idea, which normally happens in the middle of the night or in a random place, like drinking a coffee and watching the world go by in a Parisian café - or simply at a time when you're 'switched off'. When you are a creator and an entrepreneur your brain never switches off and yet when it does - oh my god - the big ideas come rolling in. It's exciting for me when I have an idea. I tend to implement it within days - I simply cannot wait...

What was my big idea that started my business career? Simple - start a company which could create the best homes you could ever imagine and with the best service that I would want to receive - and I am difficult! It might seem like a small idea, but it's really not... When I began, my 'signature style' did not exist. Interiors were either over done or minimalist and there was no middle ground. So I took it further. I made the feeling you experienced inside your home. The one most important thing I had learnt this from my grandparents' home, her style was not mine but the way she entertained and people felt were incredible in fact I would say it was that that made me who I am today.

For me, this is the most important aspect of my entire journey and boy, did that work! So from a small idea aged 16, came a big idea and then big business. Sharing big ideas with my clients. Created the brand and made it a global name in most categories within months and I have never looked back.

When it comes to my business, there are four words I live by: Listen, Digest, Create and Deliver. As my journey began, bigger ideas were created like a massive mind-map growing and growing. Large companies wanted to invest in my brand and license with their product and - bingo - the brand was born, but the philosophy never changed from day one. I planted it in the ground, it has grown and has lasted the test of time. Making intelligent decisions on every level is important - the biggest nugget of advice I can give on this is to think outside of the box daily.

Criticise yourself and listen to yourself always strive for perfection

Also, give your staff a chance which is why we gave birth to Studio Hoppen For 39 years I had designed every project and now we have Kelly Hoppen couture and Studio Hoppen and it is brilliant. The vibe in the new studio is awesome it's alive and it works.

At 17 years old, my drive was the passion to build a brand and not just seek fame. I was inspired by my mother - a phenomenal business woman and all her artistic and erudite literary friends. I was a bit of a loner, not interested in partying (that came later...). I was just on fire when it came to talking to art galleries and travelling - the jobs started rolling in and they haven't stopped, even to this day.

What truly inspires me today other than the obvious art, music, design, smell, fashion, is the young kids I mentor and invest in - they have no fear and radiate positive energy. They are complete sponges in the sense that they are so eager to learn and seeing their faces light up is absolutely amazing as you realise what you are saying and have heard before. It's liquid gold to them and its magical. These are the moments that get me started on big ideas for them. What I adore is planning a strategy for someone else; my mind races like wildfire and it's like my brain is moving in every direction - how could you not be inspired.

It's like the saying - with a few drops of water becomes a puddle and from there a sea. The same could be said for ideas. Don't be scared of a snowball effect when it comes to ideas, it just might turn into something fantastic!