05/07/2011 13:30 BST | Updated 03/09/2011 06:12 BST

Great Health is Your Most Important Asset

When we go through tough times in our lives often friends or family will say "Well at least you have you're health". As individuals we often only think about our health when we're poorly; ruing the day we took it for granted as we try and get back to a place of balance and wellbeing.

I take a bit of a different approach. I've been a 'health nut' since I was about 17 when I realised that what you put in your body and whether or not you exercise has a direct impact on how you feel and what you're able to achieve.

Health and fitness are especially in the forefront of my mind right now as I've had a very grueling schedule for the last 3 months with a host of new projects, a book release and the filming of my first ever TV series.

2011 has been such an extraordinary year so far with unbelievable opportunities presenting themselves as well as the chance to work with wonderful people. That said trying to find balance between designing, running my business and filming around the UK 2 to 3 days per week has been a real challenge.

Even though I am a fitness fanatic and train everyday with the amazing Eufa Baker. I wanted to make sure that the increase in my workload didn't mean my fitness and eating suffered. Eufa helped put together a new plan to make sure my workouts would give me a boost in energy that would see me through for the rest of the day.

When it came to eating right I turned to my own daughter Natasha who has a successful business in holistic retreats and just launched Honestly Healthy which creates gourmet vegetarian food. The thing that makes the food special is that it's 'alkaline' which means it works in harmony with your body so you get the most from the food you eat. From Natasha I learned that a lot of the food we eat is actually quite acidic which means your body isn't able to absorb all the vitamins and minerals.

Natasha came and filled my fridge with gorgeous meals made from locally sourced ingredients...... all I can say about it is OMG!

I cannot tell u how amazing it is to eat this way and all the food is delicious. Far from being a chore it's a pleasure to eat this way! Admittedly, I also haven't been drinking much and I've been cutting down on the late nights (it was the only way I could put in all the hours!) but I have never felt this great. I have bags of energy and am sleeping so well.

My typical day is something like this:

6 :00 wake up (I hit the snooze button about 8 times before I finally get up!)

6:30 Have a cup of boiling water with lemon (to get my metabolism going) and read the paper

7:00 Train for an hour now with Eufa to feel ready for the day ahead

8:00 Shower, dress and eat something lovely from Honestly Healthy for breakfast

9:00 Grab my ready made HH lunch and drive to studio to take on the day

I know not everyone is a morning person and this might seem like a lot to do before 9:00am but for me a healthy mind/body keeps me focused and happy. Taking that time is sort of like my mediation it keeps me centered and in top form to achieve the things that are most important to me.

Honestly Healthy offer fridge filling services as well as ready meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Pop in to Selfridges to see the lovely food or visit their website.