26/10/2015 19:04 GMT | Updated 26/10/2016 06:12 BST

Getting Yourself and Your Home Autumn Ready


As the seasons change and the days get colder, our bodies and homes need rebooting. It's a time to make your home more nurturing and cosy, somewhere you want to spend more time in as the nights get longer, and a time to really look after yourself as well.

The most important thing to remember though is not to go into full-on 'winter mode' as soon as soon as you notice it start to get a little chilly. Prepare for winter gradually to ease yourself into it - don't get the wool blankets out just yet! Layer up slowly - both with your clothes and with your home. I don't have my tights on yet - I'm still in my brogues. Apply this to the home too, start to introduce warmer textiles but hold your thickest ones back for when the temperatures start to really drop. That way you are saving those key comfort pieces for when you really need them and can add layers over time.


The simplest thing to start with is revamping your textiles, an easy way to introduce different colours and textures to your home. Use these to incorporate more autumnal tones, and take inspiration from different natural textures around you. Autumn leaves have so many wonderful hues - plums, khakis, golden orange tones. Incorporate these into your home so that you're mirroring the outside around you and you are at ease with it. So many elements of interiors look better and more appealing in autumn - long, draped curtains, bedspreads and throws - so don't be afraid to incorporate heavier textures and vibrant colours.

Your rooms are naturally going to be darker in the winter months, so I believe it's really important to look at the best ways to brighten up these spaces. Let there be more light - add candles. They can really enhance a space and make it cosy and inviting while adding warm, comforting scents as well. Lighting in your home should be something which works all year round - consider lighting which brightens up a room at night-time but also provides great light for darker autumn days too.


Plants are also something which are important to look at changing seasonally, and can be a brilliant mood-booster too. Replace white summer lilies with bold fiery red dahlias to reflect the colours of autumn. It doesn't just have to be flowers, either - twigs displayed in white sand can be great focal points and an excellent way to showcase autumnal nature indoors.

I think it's not only important to get your home ready for the colder weather, but yourself, as well. We need to prepare for autumn and winter so we are not shocked into the new seasons. The colder months can be hugely exciting - it's so important not to dread them just because it's cold, and to look at all the wonderful things the seasons bring with them. Long, cosy nights, candle-lit evenings, Sundays by the fire - there is so much to enjoy. Take time out to heal your mind and use your downtime to nourish yourself. Eat more comforting foods to keep your energy up when your body starts to go into hibernation mode. I love recipes like this one from Honestly Healthy for an evening warmer that's good for you.

And then, before you know it, it's time to get ready for Christmas. I'll be letting you know the best way to get prepared for the big season - don't panic!