03/12/2015 12:49 GMT | Updated 03/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Setting the Table for Christmas


The dining table is the heart of the home, and the dining table at Christmas is no exception. It is the centrepiece of what bring families and friends together at this time of year, is a great excuse to put on your best jewellery and feel fabulous - and the same should apply to your home jewellery too. The dining table is one of my favourite things about Christmas - the smells of dinner, music around the table - putting the sounds of the Rat Pack on at Christmas encompasses the season for me.

For me, the key to creating the perfect table setting for Christmas is not to overdo it. It can be tempting to go 'all-out' on this special occasion, but it's really important to keep your decorations considered but also impactful. It should be traditional without being old-fashioned, opulent without being overwhelming.

The starting point is always colour. Choose your colour scheme - I find red, silver and gold works best for the festive season. Then, apply this to your choice of table runner. This should be in a neutral colour, like this one, to emphasise the bolder colours around it, or a contrasting colour within your chosen colour scheme. The effect of having a table runner or strip of scrim is that it draws the eye along the table and invites you to take in the spectacle of the dressed table.



Next - choose your centrepiece decorations. These should be eye-catching and inviting. For something a little different, I love these gold and silver resin corals which look enchanting when surrounded by candlelight and shimmering objects. You could also try trinket boxes filled with chestnuts or colourful sweets if you're looking for a playful way to decorate your table.

Consider your place setting to create a warm welcome for your guests. I think it's so important to pay attention to the way this is laid out - often it can be something that is a last minute thought but it is a touch that your dinner guests will really appreciate. If you want to get creative with placemats, there are no rules about what you could use. Books, pieces of material, even tiles. For Christmas though, I prefer to keep it traditional. I love these silver placemats which are perfect for adding a touch of simple glamour with a little bit of sparkle and can be used again for New Year parties, too. Complete the place setting with a napkin dressed with a napkin ring. Ornate silver napkin rings such as these will finish your table off to perfection and give it a high-end look. Finally, give them a Christmassy finish by tucking a small sprig of holly into the napkin ring. Alternatively, you could use a fabric tie and finish the napkin ring by attaching a bauble to it, for extra festivity.


Lastly, we then look at the finishing touches. I like to fill extra spaces on the table with candles and smaller decorations - keeping the placement considered and not jumbled. Candles with a festive scent such as these which are encased in decorative and sparkling cases are brilliant for adding instant festive atmosphere to a table. Surround these with extra sprigs of holly and a handful of baubles, and your table is set.

Happy Christmas entertaining!

Love Kelly x