14/11/2011 17:55 GMT | Updated 14/01/2012 05:12 GMT

A Week in the Life of an X Factor Judge

Hey everyone -- and welcome to my blog.

It's been a crazy week for me, with so much going on, both personally and with the X Factor.

I kicked things off by promoting my album, Here I Am, which is out on 28 November. It's been a week of interviews, shock news, rehearsals with the girls and rehearsals for my TV performances -- it's been truly exciting.

So here's my diary. As you can see -- there was no time for any R&R!

Monday 7 November:

This morning I headed over to one of my favourite London hotels, the W, for a whole day of non-stop promo. I was looking forward to telling people about my album and I knew there were a few good interviews in store.

This afternoon, I got to chat to Heat magazine! I genuinely love those guys; they always manage to put a smile on my face. Interviews like that, which are funny and chatty, are the best -- I can talk forever about my music, and they're great listeners.

Oh and I've been craving a sticky toffee pudding all day! I love British deserts generally, but I love sticky toffee so much, I could slap myself! I've got to say, the Langham Hotel does the best one I've ever tasted, so am hoping I can call in for a taster sometime this week! Sticky toffee pudding is everything!

Wow! What a day! Tonight, I hosted a very intimate album playback at Home House. It was the first time the British press had heard my whole international album, so I was pretty excited and nervous. I talked them through the songs and how they all came about, and I saw some happy faces. I hope they liked it!

Speaking of the album, I really feel like I've come into my own with this one. The whole LP is all about sensuality, there's a lot of feeling in there -- I'm very proud of it. And I can't help it, but being in London is inspiring me to think about the next record. I love London, especially Hyde Park -- I could sit there for hours and be inspired by the life all around me.

Tuesday 8 November:

Well, this morning it was back to the W Hotel for another day of interviews - this time it was all TV stuff. But during one filmed interview with ITN Showbiz, they told me the news that Frankie Cocozza was leaving the X Factor!

I was so shocked -- and I still am! Poor Frankie, I really do feel sorry for him -- and I wonder what the show will do now? The video of me finding out is quite funny; I bet it will go viral. I had no idea!

After hours of TV stuff (and getting my head round the Frankie news), I finished off another great day of promo with a visit to T4. There, I had a chat with the beautiful Jameela Jamil (seriously, how gorgeous is that girl?), before getting some food in.

On the way to the studio, I had a Skype chat with my girls. It's Queen versus Gaga week on the show and they are working so, so hard. The songs are coming along nicely though, and I really think they'll be amazing this weekend.

Wednesday 9 November:

My girl Janet has been poorly this week. I've started off today by going to see the girls. Ms Misha B is in great spirits and has been practising for the weekend, but poor Janet has had to take it a bit easy. I hope she gets better quickly, there's nothing worse than feeling sick -- also, she needs to rehearse for the weekend. I hope she gets rid of her bug soon.

After spending time with my girls, I had to squeeze in a rehearsal with my dancers for a TV performance later in the week. I love having the boys over here, they are in my new video, Down For Whatever, and are the same boys who were with me for Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. They're so hot and very lovely -- it's great having them here in the UK.

This afternoon/evening, I had so much fun filming Alan Carr's Chatty Man with the rest of the judges. Alan is so funny! We really enjoyed ourselves -- it's such a fun interview to do. I can't wait to see the finished result -- although I'll have to TiVo it because I'll be at the X Factor studio for the aftermath of the results show.

And oh my goodness, I ended today at Hakkasan -- and had their awesome duck salad. All I have to say is... "yum."

Thursday 10 November:

Today is already turning out to be a mad day! It was all go this morning. First up, I headed to ITV for the X Factor press conference.

It was lovely to see 2 Shoes, Jonjo and James again, although, I feel so sorry for Frankie. But you know what? My girl Amelia could be voted back in and for that, I'm grateful. It's an incredible twist, but she's so talented -- I hope people get voting for her. I want her back in the show.

Straight after the press conference and photo call, I had to get ready for the recording of the Graham Norton Show. It goes out on Friday, and I'll be performing with my dancers. I can't wait to bring it down on stage!

And then the most incredible thing happened today! The amazing Tinie Tempah has asked me to perform with him at his sell-out Wembley date, TONIGHT! I'm so, so honoured -- it's going to be so much fun! I'm on my way there now (while writing this), having finished recording for Graham Norton, and I've invited the girls to join me tonight. Misha is such a huge fan... she'll love this.

Ahh! I've arrived at Wembley to a lovely surprise. Tinie has left me present to say thank you for performing tonight. It's a bottle of rose Moet Champagne. He knows me well.

Phew! It's been an amazing night. Going up on stage with Tinie was so much fun -- what a buzz!

He's such a gentleman and SUCH a talent. I'm so glad I got to perform with him. Now, I've got to force myself to wind down from all of that -- an early(ish) night is in order with a catch up of Grey's Anatomy. I'm completely obsessed with that show and it's the perfect way to chill out after this crazy day.

Friday 11 November:

Oh my goodness, it's another crazy day. While most people are thinking "hey it's Friday", I've still got two more busy days ahead! I'm not complaining though, I love every minute of this. It was an early start this morning -- I headed over to Springs Studios for a cover shoot with the Times Magazine.

Luckily I had a yummy egg white omelette and a frothy hot chocolate to start the day. This place does the best hot chocolate I've ever had!

The shoot was truly amazing -- it was very different for me and I loved the outcome. Now I've got to rush over to the X Factor studios to see my girls rehearse.

Wow! Have just seen Amelia rehearse the song she wants to perform if she's voted back by the public. That girl is a beast and has come back fighting. She sounds incredible. I am praying she'll get the winning votes and will get to show the world what she can do tomorrow.

And it's an early night for me tonight -- after all, tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Saturday 12 November:

It's such a big day today that I thought I'd treat my friends to a special lunch in Nobu. It's one of my favourite spots in London and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

When we finally got to the studios, the buzz was fantastic. Amelia has been working so hard - I know I've said it before but I really hope she gets her chance to shine. And I still need to decide what I'm wearing tonight. It's between Stella McCartney, Gucci or Jenny Packham. All beautiful!

Right, I've gone for the Stella McCartney pant suit, Anne Fontaine shirt and Giuseppe shoes. This is a bold statement piece that I've been dying to do for ages. I love it! And everyone here has said they do too. It's something different, but it's nice to be original sometimes...

My girls were on fire tonight! I'm so proud. And Amelia is back! Yes! Thank you to everyone that voted! I now have three girls... count that Gary 1, 2, 3!

I'm so happy. I thought all three ladies did so well, although Janet did have a touch of the nerves again. But you'd never know she was sick this week, would you? She's a trooper!

I have faith in them -- but let's see what happens tomorrow... The thing is, no matter how good you think your acts are -- you never know how the public will react or vote. I have everything crossed and I'm off for a debriefing with the girls in the dressing room now.

Sunday 13 November:

And it's another early start this morning! Sunday's always make me nervous. You just never know what's going to happen on the show. I believe that all my girls deserve to stay.

Amelia is so nervous -- she doesn't want to go home after just one day. I hope the public keep her in. Janet and Misha B never take anything for granted either so I've been reassuring them. Fingers crossed for tonight!

People always ask me why I took the job on the UK X Factor -- and the truth is, I absolutely love being here in the UK and doing the show.

The reason that I took the job was to mentor -- and I adore my girls, I want them to do the best they can in this competition. I'm always on them like white on rice -- and I hope they get a chance to do it all again next week.

Oh my goodness! I'm still shaking after that. I can't believe Misha was in the bottom two, but she came back fighting. I'm so sad to see Kitty go, she is such a talent and a lovely person -- I have every faith that she'll do well on her own. I thought it was amazing that Lady Gaga actually comforted her after the show too -- that's her heroine.

I am so proud of my girls though -- it was a nerve-wracking moment as Dermot read out the results, and then waiting for Gary to decide his casting vote. I think he made the right choice though and this week, Misha B and I will work hard again. At the end of the day, I still have all three of my wonderful girls here and I'm so happy for them.

Now, time for a debrief and a bit of relaxing time - before this all starts all over again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading guys. It sounds like a lot of work, but I truly love doing it. I'm ready to do it all again!