11/07/2013 11:57 BST | Updated 09/09/2013 06:12 BST

100 days of President Kenyatta

President Kenyatta made his inaugural speech as the 4th President of Kenya on 9th July 2013 and among his pledges within his first 100 days in the office included:

  • Abolishing Maternity fees
  • Developing a framework and establishing a new Youth and Women Fund from Ksh 6billion that had been allocated for election run-off
  • Put a system to ensure that all children starting government primary school are receiving lap tops

The first 100 days in office for president Kenyatta, his deputy and their Jubilee coalition based on the above 3 points haven't been very encouraging and before my readers start speculating what tribe I am, let's grade the rugby boy, the first ever Kenya President to be on twitter.

It is 100 days and it doesn't look good and this why:

Education: Grade E. As I am writing this, I am aware that this is the second week teachers haven't reported to work due salary dispute. Without going into details about the deplorable conditions majority of teachers in Kenya live in, there are still schools without adequate infrastructures forcing pupils to sit under trees or make shift classes. Teachers in Kenya have always been the forgotten lot and whatever the vision with lap top is, computers will remain a luxury if basics have not been met.

Health: Grade D. in the beginning of June this year, President Kenyatta did announce that women will not pay for maternity fee in public hospitals and mothers giving birth whether through normal delivery or caesarean section in any public health facility will not have to pay. No sooner had he announced this than nurses and doctors went on strike due to working conditions. And the bad news is, the money mothers thought they would save from maternity fees, unfortunately it will be spent on sanitary pads as their prices went up due to increase of taxes. This is second time health workers have downed their tools due to their wages in a span of two years.

I will let the reader with information on Youth and Women Fund from KSh6 billion that had been allocated for election runoff grade the President. Any take any one?

It has been chaotic 100 days for President Kenyatta and his team; the diplomatic war with Washington on Obama's Africa trip, Kenya being more tribal than it was 5 years ago and the flashy life style of his deputy are not helping either. The constitution that was supposed to bring hope to not only the poor but also to enthusiastic and educated young people, is turning into a curse; county governments are in the spirit of 'it is our time to eat' mode with obscene budgets; buying state of the art cars, building bungalows and having hefty salary perks. These would have been justified if living conditions of people from these counties could be termed fair.

All is not lost for President Kenyatta and his jubilee coalition. They can still turn these grades around and make them better. They need to focus on what they pledged and improve lives of people of Kenya. Honey moon is over, show down with the opposition and trying to prove who is in charge of the country is pointless. When President Kenyatta was writing his manifesto during campaigns, he was in the government and so he knows what can be achieved. Come-on President, you can do better!