10/10/2013 09:39 BST | Updated 10/10/2013 09:39 BST

Will 4G and Insane Photography Boost Sales for Nexus 5?

"Remember, remember, the first of November? #Nexus5"

A provocative tweet by Paul O'Brien, founder of the Android and Windows phone community Modaco, may hint at what the world's Android fan base has been patiently waiting for: the possible launch date for LG's Nexus 5 smartphone.

For those who can't wait to get their hands on the new phone, this week's purported leaked manual already reveals a lot about Nexus 5- and allows us to consider whether its new features have enough punch to give competitors a run for their money.

The big news to emerge from the leak is that Nexus 5 has LTE 4G capability and an improved camera with its addition of OIS. The absence of these features on Nexus 4 held it back from being the ultimate Android phone available by a long shot. Having these capabilities on the new phone will help it take some market share away from Taiwanese Android smartphone maker HTC, who are still the leader with their OIS devices.

The camera changes in Nexus 5 are particularly exciting and would be the ultimate selling factor for the phone - not just because of the image stabilisation of OIS but also because of the possibility that it may offer a "shoot first and focus later" feature with its MEMS technology. MEMS -which stands for micro electro mechanical sensor - provides a supremely fast autofocus that's seven times quicker than anything else on the market. It also supports an amazing feature that enables a focal point to be changed after an image has been captured.

Vic Gundotra mentioned on Google+ that the Nexus 5 camera would be "insanely great" and if we see these features I would agree. As with all Nexus phones, version 5 will be sold unlocked on the Google site so nobody will be fixed into any nasty contracts. Ordering the Nexus 5 in a user's favourite colour - like the recent Moto X from Motorola- would be awesome but it's probably wishful thinking as this is an LG manufactured device.

The final rumour is that Nexus 5 will be half the price of the latest iPhone. It's all just hearsay for now but if the price is nice and the technology turns out to be as beautiful and innovative as it sounds - then who wouldn't want the latest Nexus phone in their Christmas stocking?