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Should You Take Her for Romantic Dinners?

Forget everything you've heard in recent years about how to impress a woman on Valentine's Day. It's time to update your romantic gestures and tactics.

The REAL Valentine's DOS AND DONT'S

By Kezia Noble. Leading Dating Expert For Men,

(Photo supplied by Kezia Noble)

Forget everything you've heard in recent years about how to impress a woman on Valentine's Day.

It's time to update your romantic gestures and tactics.

1. DON'T take her to a romantic dinner.

What? Surly that's the most vital element to the whole Valentine's experience I hear you shout.

Allow me to elucidate. People have become experience junkies, and there's a growing appetite to experiment with new ideas , alternative back drops and new themes. Romantic dinners in restaurants packed with loved up couples and endless romantic songs seeping out of the speakers can make the whole experience feel very force-fed. Swap the unimaginative romantic dinner with something less saccharine, and that will give your partner an experience to really remember.

2. Do choose CHILDISH Valentine's Cards.

Save those romantic cards containing romantic poetry and sentiments for her birthday or when she least expects it. When it comes to your choice of Valentine's Day card, your aim should be to keep it as goofy and childish as possible. Women respond much better to these kind of cards than sentimental ones. A humourous card not only conveys your sense of humour (which we all find attractive) but it also triggers those memories we had of when we younger at a time in our lives when receiving that goofy Valentines card from the boy at are school meant EVERYTHING

3. DO give her a MIX-TAPE.

Now when I say Mix-tapes, it doesn't mean you have to go completely 'old school' and start searching high and low for a cassette tape in order to get this right (although that extra mile will be appreciated) You can opt for a play list or an Mp3. Choose a selection of songs that remind you of your partner, a few that capture particular memories and of course throw the odd couple of songs that you think she will love or that hold personal sentiment for you and the relationship. This is not only a unique gift that is tailor made for her, but it's also guaranteed to make a positive impact on her opinion of you. Plus it's super cheap.

4. DON'T ever underestimate the power of NOSTALGIA.

Taking your partner to the place you first met or first kissed or first ANYTHING of any significance, always gets a positive response. The simplicity of a bottle of champagne and two glasses at the spot you both first *fill in the blank space* is extremely romantic.

5. DO remember that SEXY UNDERWEAR needs to be sensual not smutty.

Smutty underwear that Del Boys Missus would wear is not what we have in mind. Always aim for titillation such as: peach silk, black lace or retro 50's glamour rather than g-strings and crotchless red knickers. Think about what would make the woman feel sexy and confident, rather than buying her something inspired by Razzle magazine.

6. DO Be a Man with a Plan

The element of surprise is a rarity these days. Thanks to social media and the constant stream of communication that keeps us constantly in the loop it's become hard to surprise one another. This is why when we do manage to organise a complete surprise, it makes a huge impact. Don't ask her what she wants to do, or if she has any suggestions, and don't give anything away via any social media sites ( this happens more than you can imagine). Be the man with a plan, and rekindle that old fashioned but never out-dated romantic notion of 'taking charge'. Alpha men will always be in fashion.