10/10/2016 09:41 BST | Updated 08/10/2017 06:12 BST

Getting Through Life Is Harder Than I First Thought


My name is Kieran. You may know me from running my own charity called the World Youth Organization. Something I am incredibly passionate about, and something I work tirelessly at every day. But behind closed doors and into my private life, things have most definitely changed.

Whether that be for the worse or the better, I'm still trying to find out myself. Over the last few weeks, my life has become a little darker, as the light which was once on, has now been dimmed. When someone leaves you, whether that be in a friendship or a relationship, it is always hard for both parties to come to terms with that. Whether you parted on mutual terms or in defence.

For me personally, this journey has only just started.

Finding coping methods is incredibly hard, but I want to remind everyone who is reading this and perhaps undergoing a similar situation to me, is that despite how painful this voyage is, remember you will always come out stronger.

See, if you cast your mind back to when you was happy, before that person came into your life, you hadn't any problems to worry about (maybe you did, but not on this scale). It was called living and breathing. Which is what you and I have to do now.

This all sounds very contradicting to myself, as this advice I even find hard to take on board, but what other options are there for people like us?

For me, I have an extremely strong anxiety disorder. I get very worked up and emotional, but despite the tears and dismal days you have to look ahead.

Certain things will constantly spiral around in your head, to be frank, I have no clue how long they will last, but what I have heard is that these thoughts eventually fade but unfortunately never truly go.

Rubbish right?

Wishing to be back with that person is terribly the wrong thing to do. I know the thought of wanting them back in your arms, protecting you and keeping you warm but let us be honest here, it isn't going to happen. That's what you've got to think anyway.

Not, what if? or, if I did that?. It just doesn't work like that. I have found out the hard way. The best thing to do, is just simply let go of that person you really truly loved.

Funny I know!

Let us be real here. There are over 7 billion people on this planet. How many people do you think have been through something like this? Pretty much everyone!

If that person wants to come back in your life, that decision completely rests on that individual. If it is meant to be, it'll be. But if not, then move on and find someone who will love you endlessly.

Now it is time to think about you and you alone. Just like the person who left you did. Get up, be strong and tell the world you are back in business.

Forget about the cuddles, forget about the places you went and forget about the fact you was probably the most happiest person alive, but that's not to say you can be like that again, on your own or with someone else.