09/02/2017 03:46 GMT | Updated 10/02/2018 05:12 GMT

World Youth Organization's One Year Anniversary

The World Youth Organization - a registered charity (sponsored by Child Protection Training UK) based in England, Wales and the Republic of Ireland celebrated it's 1 year anniversary at 100 Parliament Street on Wednesday.

The evening included speeches from myself, Ayath Ullah (Chairman), Chief Advisor Kishan Devani, Gillian McKeith and Afton McKeith (ambassadors of the organisation) followed by performances from students across the London and Voice UK finalist Lydia Lucy.

As part of my speech I highlighted the charity's activities throughout 2016 and what the organisation plans to roll out throughout 2017.

Ayath Ullah - Chairman at the World Youth Organization spoke about failure, the normality of it and how to overcome and learn from it.

Kishan Devani - Chief Advisor, who previously was the Deputy chairman of the Conservative Party spoke about the charity's success and outlook.

Gillian McKeith spoke about an exciting upcoming project which is partnered with the World Youth Organization, this will be officially announced in the near future. Afton McKeith mentioned her excitement of becoming an ambassador at the charity and looks forward to working with the organisation throughout 2017.

The evening also included video messages from volunteers across the globe who work with the World Youth Organization, including Lauren Duffy the International Relations Director who works with our worldwide partners including those in Guatemala and South America.

Concluding the event, Lydia Lucy finalist of The Voice UK sung two breath-taking performances shortly followed by performances from local secondary school students Bower Park Academy.

The World Youth Organization empower young people with the skills, knowledge and opportunities to succeed in work and life. In 2017 the charity plan on starting a five-year program to educate the UK's youth on mental health, sex education, lifestyle skills, careers and citizenship while jointly looking for a major sponsor to jump on board.

At 15, I didn't quite know that in 2 years' time I was going to be managing an Internationally registered youth charity. Nor did I know I would be constantly surrounded by amazing people.

The last year hasn't been all that easy. Like every year there are good days and bad days. But it's always been like that and it will continue to be like that. The important thing about life is being around people who care and love you. They'll help you get through the bad days.

From annual accounts to charity commission audits, reports, finances, legal and websites, social media, marketing and press.

I didn't really have a clue a year ago.

But wow, learning on the job I think will always be the best way to gain knowledge and skills. It has been a huge learning curve. People doubted me and the organisation. Sometimes we follow plan A and sometimes we follow plan B. But we will always prosper with whatever path we take. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.

But I will always continue to learn new things every day.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support. Thank you 2016, you've been great - here is to 2017 and the future of the World Youth Organization.