30/07/2017 17:01 BST | Updated 30/07/2017 17:01 BST

Dealing With Allergies This Summer

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It might usually be a spring problem but my nose is still suffering from allergies as we charge through Summer. And with a runny nose in tow, I set about to find out the best ways to deal with allergies. But the allergies don't just stop at pollen my flat used to have a dog in it and there is still pet hair floating around that seems to creep up on me.

So let's find out what can be done!

1. Change Clothes As Soon As You Get Home

Pollen, of course, gets made in amongst the flowers outside, it sticks to your clothes and you carry it around with you all day. So when you get home the best plan is to ditch the shoes, get the clothes in the wash basket and if it's really bad, get yourself in the shower. That way you keep your house free of pollen as far as possible.

2. Get A Nasal Spray

Just like a shower, a Nasal Spray clears all the pollen out of your nose, because if it's trapped in your nose hair then you're going to be sneezing all day! I know I do and that's the fastest solution I've found alongside an antihistamine.

3. Get A Vacuum With A HEPA filter

A lot of vacuums, especially vacuums designed for pet hair, have a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, which basically means that the vacuum filters the air that gets sucked through it removing all the allergens for the air. So all the pollen gets filtered out and any rogue dog allergens will disappear too

4. If You've Got Jobs To Do Outside Consider a Mask

You can get masks to cover your mouth and nose very cheaply and it's the most efficient way of surviving allergies if you have gardening to do. Nothing like rooting around in the garden trailing through the grass to get your nose running. And it might look a little embarrassing but so does getting caught in a sneezing fit!

5. Keep The Windows Shut

Hayfever can get worse at night because the heat during the day causes air to rise along with the pollen then as it cools at night it falls back down and comes straight in the window. So although having the window open at night can keep you cool and help you sleep for those with allergies a fan will be much more effective. Keeping you cool and pollen free.

And that's it! I hope you manage to beat summer allergies, my battle still rages but it's gotten a lot better. The biggest change was the vacuum cleaner, it cleans the air of any allergens and as a bonus gets rid of any ex-pets that may have lived in your house before you!