If you struggle with pesky pollen allergies, you might get multiple benefits from wearing a mask.
When was the last time you washed your sheets...?
“The pollen season could feel it has lasted longer, given it started earlier.” 🤧🌳
Tips to help you manage your child's seasonal allergies
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It might usually be a spring problem but my nose is still suffering from allergies as we charge through Summer. And with a runny nose in tow, I set about to find out the best ways to deal with allergies. But the allergies don't just stop at pollen my flat used to have a dog in it and there is still pet hair floating around that seems to creep up on me.
Heard of the hay fever injection? You may have heard good or bad things about it, but it's time to remove the sting and look
Hay fever is rife at the moment and my GP surgery had an influx of sufferers this last week. We expect to see people when the pollen count is high, but this, combined with the unusually hot weather, is putting considerable pressure on Britain's healthcare services.
Spring is here, bringing with it sunshine and flowers. But for many, it also signals a more sinister side to the season. Our
Warmer weather and lighter evenings mean more time spent enjoying our gardens, starting off with simple tasks such as weeding and planting. But it's important to remember that while many of the plants that we commonly keep are beautiful to look at - they're also capable of causing serious damage to the health of our precious pets.