09/09/2014 10:38 BST | Updated 08/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Kiwi Inspiration for Newest Royal Baby?

A sibling for Prince George! That is especially good news for a Kiwi like me. We've been anticipating a Royal baby announcement ever since the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited New Zealand in April.

And I have a wild and unsubstantiated suspicion that in New Zealand their spark was ignited to consider baby number two.

Yes, I know. They also visited Australia. But for the sake of this blog I'm sticking to New Zealand.

Our country may not be much of a "romantic" holiday destination. More of a thrill-seeking, breathtaking scenery, outdoorsy sort of place. But Kate and Wills are outdoorsy types. Perhaps their activities here provided the thrill-seeking inspiration to go for number two? Maybe it was memories of the high-powered rush in the shot over jet that prompted Kate to give Wills the "wink, nudge" after the Royal Tour. Or maybe it was the surge and elation she experienced when beating Wills (obviously in a second-fiddle yacht) by steering her Team New Zealand yacht to victory over his in Auckland?

More adrenalin surged for Wills when he gleefully sat in the cockpit of a Sopwith Pup plane in Blenheim, but couldn't fly the thing because of security reasons. Kate looked mighty impressed seeing her man in the cockpit, looking all Top Gun.

One thing is certain. There will be many women in New Zealand claiming their bets on this happy pregnancy news. Of course, we'd all hoped she was already pregnant on her visit. During the tour we became seriously giddy with excitement when Wills supposedly told our local Cambridge baby shawl maker, Cynthia Read: "you might have to make another one soon."

But, like pricked balloons, our excitement burst when Kate was then spotted swilling a glass of red wine in the South Island, before heading out on the shot over jet. "Awww, no Royal bun in the oven then!"

For now, we're happy to make flimsy guesses that their action-packed time in New Zealand was just the tonic to inspire another baby.

I wonder if they'll give the newest Prince (or Princess) an honorary New Zealand name? Wills is mates with the All Blacks rugby captain Richie McCaw. Prince Richard? And Kate was quite smitten with our Maori warrior's bare, tattooed buttocks. I don't know what this lucky man's name was but I suspect a traditional Maori name is way too far a break from Royal tradition. If it's a girl, what about Helen? After our first, elected female Prime Minister, Helen Clark. Princess Helen? Nope, another break from Royal tradition. Bugger.

My mother-in-law and I scoured the media's photos of Kate during her visit to New Zealand, searching for a telltale bump. "Does that look like a bump to you?" I'd say. "No, I think that's just the wind billowing her dress," replied the mother-in-law.

To be fair, the wind gusts did catch her skirts a fair bit during her visit, at one point revealing a lovely, sculpted thigh. So maybe Wills saw some of those photos and filed away that lovely vision for later, when they returned home.

Or perhaps they became clucky again after they hit the play mat with George at his Plunket play date. All of the Kiwi tots there were very well behaved, and cute. Even Prince George was impressed and only pinched one toy from a future subject.

Whatever the inspiration, we eagerly look forward to the safe arrival of our newest Royal next year.