New Zealand

The flightless bird was plucked from the runway and taken to a nearby zoo to feast on fish.
"You never know where these adventurous animals might pop up," New Zealand's conservation department said.
The US president appeared to mix up the nickname of the New Zealand team with a War of Independence-era police force.
To many of her admirers, she defied typical ideas of what it meant to be a politician.
“I’d be doing a disservice to New Zealand if I continued,” she said.
Jacinda Ardern's eloquent response was dubbed a "complete killshot".
The New Zealand prime minister said she was "absolutely gutted" to hear of the stabbings.
Poor Chris Hipkins fell victim to a verbal slip-up during a Covid briefing.
Filming for the upcoming Amazon series will be moving to Britain in June 2022.
The bird announced its return to former stomping grounds through a piercing cry.