01/09/2014 09:56 BST | Updated 31/10/2014 05:59 GMT

No Ordinary Days

When the days of motherhood blur and the hours are hazy, when the fog seems too thick to walk through - know that these are not ordinary days.

Know that there is no moment like another, that there is no groundhog afternoon, that there is no day like every other.

Life lived with children moves fast. Too fast, sometimes, to stop and see how unbearably precious each second is. But, stop and notice a little, and see that every day, every bedtime, every too-early morning and every fraught mealtime is different.

Sometimes the differences are imperceptible.

Your youngest woke up five minutes later than usual. Your eldest asked to read a book he had never requested before. Your baby finished her porridge for the first time. They are little things. Maybe they don't matter. Unless they help you to see a way through the fog. Unless they help you realise that this is no ordinary day.

Because, on this day that your daughter asks you who lives on the moon, or this day that your son asks for his sandwiches to be cut into squares - on this day life will be different. It will be extraordinary. It will contain a million wonderful moments that you will spend with your child.

And that is why these will be moments to be treasured. Every moment for a child is new. Every moment for them with you is one you both haven't lived through before.

Children show us so clearly that change occurs every instant. Nothing remains fixed. If we don't grab these moments, no-one else will. They will be gone.

When the fog descends, when the sound becomes blurred - savour these moments.

Snatches of colour. Moments where all you hear is your child's laughter. Seconds where the touch of their skin is the smoothest thing you have ever felt. Minutes where you realise nothing else matters more than them. When they look at you and are so damn happy. When they throw their arms around you. When they press their face into your shoulder.

You might be reading the same book for the hundredth time, but you will never have this story-time again. You might be walking to the park along the same road again, but you will never do this journey in this way again. You will never feel them press their big open mouth to your cheek for a kiss in the same way again. You will never have another bedtime like this, another walk like this, another cuddle like this.

With you and yours, there are no ordinary days.

Kiran Chug blogs at Mummy Says