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Illusive No More - Mother Monster Is Back, And It's Perfect

Welcome back Gaga, we missed you!

Image is a screen capture from the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast interview this morning

"The song is about why so many of us are wondering why there are so many fake things around us - re-establishing that human a connection" to what is real. Said Lady Gaga on Grimmy's BBC1 Breakfast show this morning (09/09/2016).

The song 'Perfect Illusion' launched across the world over night, the much anticipated first offering of 'LG5' is a reflection of her feelings towards social media and the internet, and how we have to plough through the fake to find the real. Everyone builds an online persona, but it is sometimes hard to ground yourself and find what is real in a world full of perfect illusions.

Gaga herself is quite the master of illusion. Her whole act is perfectly sculpted, formed as a result of her imagination and artistic flare. She has been eluding fans for 3 years now since the release of her last solo album 'Artpop'. Her army of Little Monsters have been getting rather impatient, but all is forgiven and forgotten as Perfect Illusion lands - telling fans the story of her time away from the limelight. Trying to battle the fake and the nasty and return to the natural.

"For me it is about growing up a bit and finding the story in the songs".

The song is Kevin Parker from Tame Impala's brain child according to Gaga. "What was important to me was that the song wasn't about any illusion but one we can all relate to". She worked on it with producers Mark Ronson and Blood Pop spending long hours in the studio, cooking Italian chicken for them and drinking Whiskey.

"You can't be on the same page over the internet" - she said when asked about how the collaboration physically worked. The song was an "organic manifestation" of each person's talents - created as the sun shone through the trees. She spoke of how she felt loved by her collaborators, who asked her what was going on in her life and helped bring that out in her. This feels like a big step for Gaga, with so much collaboration on the upcoming album when previously she has been intent on having soul artistic control throughout the whole process. Our girl has grown up.

She has had a busy three years, what with an engagement, a break up, American Horror Story, and that epic collaboration with Tony Bennett. It feels like LG5 will be a true reflection of this period in her life which has seen her grow as a person and as an artist. This rawness is reflected in Perfect Illusion which is the perfect entrée to the rest of the album. It is great to see her explore the rockier side of herself once more. I am sure I am not alone in hoping that the new album will continue this exploration and feature some of her iconic stripped back tunes where she lets loose on the piano.

"We are in it for the music and I always have been, the industry is hard to keep up with"

Perfect Illusion feels like Gaga stripped bare again - really simple melody, her typical building bridge, and repetition of key lines. It almost feels like there aren't enough words for her to express what she is trying to say. The song feels like an introduction to a new chapter of her life, one where she has finally settled into being herself rather than trying to live up to everyone else's vision of what she should be. Four years ago today she was in London for the Born this Way Ball, an album and a tour which started her on that journey to self-acceptance and helped many a fan through their issues too.

The Born This Way Ball 2012 - Image sourced through CC Search

Mother Monster herself has been quite open about the fact she struggles with the way the industry works, and that is why she frequently has gaps in her musical career. She is so respected and loved by her fans because she stays true to herself and her artistic vision. She is the antithesis of the typical packaged popstar, and for that she is actually as far from the perfect illusion she is singing about unlike many other 'artists' littering the charts.

Welcome back Gaga, we missed you! #pawsup