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February's Motivation Mantra!

How to stay inspired with your goals

With January over us, arguably one of the toughest months of the year filled with the best intentions, you might find yourself feeling less inspired to stick to those resolutions you made, promising yourself a new healthy, mindful lifestyle for the year ahead. Let February be the time to refocus and get yourself back on track; there is no doubt about it, making big changes in our lives doesn't come easy and sometimes it's just a matter of regrouping and giving ourselves a pep-talk. With this selection of tips, you should be back on track with your new year, healthy mindful, regime.

Write down your goals

Sometimes getting your goals out of your mind and onto a page, where you can see them, can really help you get things done. Not only does it provide a visual aid but it can actually help de-clutter your mind. Being able to physically tick things off your list offers a sense of achievement too. So whether its attending yoga/fitness classes, or preparing lunch for the next day, write it down and tick it off!

Lower your expectations

Don't set yourself up for failure by trying to take on too much at once. Baby steps are the key to progress and also helps you to be more productive. Break your tasks down into bitesize steps, for example if you are planning on going to the gym, but you are feeling a bit unmotivated, break it down into smaller tasks and focus on one small task at a time - pack gym bag. Get into car. Drive to the venue. Before you know it you're there and doing it.

Visualise reaching your goals

It really helps to take time to really picture yourself at your end goal. This can help motivate you to stay on track by reminding you why you set these goals in the first place. Maybe you want to get fitter or loss weight, picture yourself running that marathon or how you would feel fitting into that dress you really want. So when you feel unmotivated, take a moment to visualise.

Get more sleep

If you don't get enough sleep, you will find it much harder to be motivated to do anything. You will have less energy and this will have a snow ball effect; you'll probably crave sugary foods, you'll be too tired and your brain will be foggier, the vicious circle of too little sleep. So, be sure to get to bed at a reasonably hour, turn off the technology and allow your mind to be less stimulated and get a good night sleep to better prepare yourself for the next day.

Share your goals

Talking to people about your goals, whether it be friends or simply sharing on social media, can give you a sense of accountability. It may be the motivation you need to get up and tackle that task you had been putting off, if you make it public you may feel like you have to do it to save face.

Ladan Soltani- 'A dedicated yogi and author of fabulous fitness at 40'


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