Check My Level!

09/10/2012 16:13 BST | Updated 08/12/2012 10:12 GMT


In the past two years I've started exercising quite a lot. I've never been a competing athlete though. As a kid I took my tennis classes and played basketball in the school team and I've always loved to be active, but I've never received any kind of real training so my knowledge of the noble secrets of physical exercising is pretty poor.

As I said, lately I do something almost every single day: I jog; I paddle; I go orienteering; I cross country ski or walk in the woods with snowshoes; I ice-skate on frozen lakes or the sea. It's addictive and great fun!

But but, could I be overdoing it? I mean I'm not an invincible lassie anymore. I once read somewhere a famous Finnish skier saying that what builds an excellent athletic condition is resting the right amount of time. How do I know what is the right amount of rest and the right amount of exercise? One can get too excited about exercise and wreck one's health, I fear.

So, here I go to investigate if there's any way to make sure I am not exercising too much. And I bump into CHECK. Goodness gracious, the Finns have come up once again with an invention that will help us exercise better!

CHECK is a revolutionary service that enables real-time assessment of physical performance. With a little device the size of an iPod and a pad you stick on the palm of your hand, you will discover in only 15 seconds the level of strain your muscles have gone through and their current state. While you drink your morning coffee, you can analyze with CHECK whether you should train hard, a little or not at all today. The info, that is obtained with the device during the amazing 15 seconds, can be transferred into a mobile application, (works with Android and iOS), which will analyze it. Then there is a cloud service for further analysis and information management. And if you want, you can also integrate the info into training diaries and other 3rd party services.

Sounds just cool and perfect for someone like me who knows nothing about the right heart beat rate and such mysterious things, and who hates to wear weird devices whilst exercising.

It gives me peace of mind to read that CHECK has been proven to optimize training, reduce injuries and improve player performance. CHECK method is unique and based on Finnish scientific research on sports and IPR. It has been developed in collaboration with professional athletes and scientists, so CHECK is also a wonderful tool for pros, not just recreational exercisers like me.

Oh, by the way, the company CEO Juha Ruohonen has informed that CHECK is looking for recreational athletes to be part of their beta test. So if you are up to it, give it a try, it might be fun to be a guinea pig for such a cool invention. More info will be announced on their website soon, don't miss it!

Well, now I know I can go on with my passion without hurting my health. Overdoing things is always harmful. Keep in mind the aurea mediocritas.