21/12/2012 06:07 GMT | Updated 19/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Help Tony Attend His 56Up Premiere in New York

The Up series is a British telly institution that endures 56 years after it debuted on Granada in 1964.

Every seven years, award-winning director Michael Apted goes back to interview on camera the same group of individuals when they were seven years old. Oh my, have they all grown.

One of the participants who has stuck with the series since the beginning is Tony Walker, the precocious seven-year-old who wanted to be a jockey but by 21 was destined for the life of a cabbie.

The latest edition, 56Up, debuted on ITV in May to rave reviews, and in a few weeks is crossing the Atlantic.

Walker, whose mug adorns the forthcoming DVD cover would like to attend the New York premiere. A crowd-funding campaign is underway to finance his trip.

Huffington Post UK's television critic Caroline Frost wrote in her 56Uprave review earlier this year of Walker: "Talking of his love for his wife and children, Tony welled up, and it would take a heart of lead not be moved by this everyman's failings and his gratitude for redemption at the hands of family unity."

The financing campaign expires on 28 December for anyone to contribute.