24/11/2014 08:10 GMT | Updated 22/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Lanes for Slow and Fast Walkers and Other Public Space Ideas

I am a pretty speedy walker, if I do say so myself. I would love to be involved in the Olympics' walking race, the funniest looking event was always the one I was going to show some talent for! Working in London has shown me one truth about the city: people are always in your way. Have you come across this problem? Have no fear, I have come up with a few ideas that Boris Johnson may take on board. We can only hope.

1) Yes, as the title says: fast and slow lanes on the pavement for those with somewhere to go and those who like to amble. I am often shocked how single slow walkers can take up the whole pavement with speedy walkers trying either side to get past them. With them often being oblivious I'm a bit concerned about having to always walk in the road in order to overtake them. This often happens on Westminster Bridge. Tourists can't be blamed, but if a strip of the pavement was reserved for those walking, instead of the whole thing for those taking awesome Big Ben photos then we would all appreciate it. The cyclists and traffic would be thankful as well. I'm sure they don't want to accidentally run over a swift moving MP.

2) In train stations at the ticket machines there can be a few machines reserved for those who can use them and a few for people who can't. Staff can be around to show those who think the cash should go through the flap where the tickets come out that it isn't the right place. It's pretty depressing having to teach everyone in the queue in front of you how the machine works before you can get your ticket, and then miss your train...

3) Giant underground canteens. There's nowhere to sit in cafes if you go for lunch in the capital. Pret does some good basement seating areas but there's still not enough. London workers would love it. Wagamama style canteens would be great!

4) Half the week divided for those who wish to go to supermarket and do their shopping quickly and half the week for those who want to stare at the cereal for half an hour and argue with the cashier. May affect some staff members' decisions on their work rota.

5) Separate tube carriages for those with luggage and buggies. There's nothing that fills me with fear more than the prospect of getting on a squashed tube with those with buggies and luggage. You won't get on. Or worse: already being on the tube and knowing that buggy is going to be rammed into your legs and consider lifting your legs up and swinging from the bars for the journey. A separate buggies carriage and another luggage carriage would be great. Megaphones for tube workers to tell those who stand on the escalator on the left that they should stand on the right would also be useful.

Got any great ideas? I'm sure slow walkers are just as annoyed by those at fast pace brushing past them, asking to be excused and tutting when they simply want to stop and stare at wondrous London. Let me know in the comments below.