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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. From Waxing to Electrolysis, Get Yourself Fuzz-Free for Summer.

From at-home waxing to permanent solutions like electrolysis, there is a way to be fuzz-free on any budget, hair type, and schedule. Here's four ways to be beach (or beer garden) ready in next to no time.

According to the experts, this week the UK will be basking in temperatures set to hit the mid thirties which means one thing: summer is finally here. Whether you're jetting off on holiday or planning on basking in the rays found in your back garden, you may well be showing some skin over the next week or so, which means it's time to tackle unwanted hair. From at-home waxing to permanent solutions like electrolysis, there is a way to be fuzz-free on any budget, hair type, and schedule. Here's four ways to be beach (or beer garden) ready in next to no time.

Short on time?

Shaving is many women's go-to option when it comes to quickly removing unwanted body hair; it's fast, easy and can be done just about anywhere. Perfect for busy beauties, it's great if you're on the go but isn't an option for facial hair. It's also important to remember daily shaving can cause ingrown hairs and also irritate skin - especially if you have sensitive skin - which isn't ideal during the summer months when you might want to flash the flesh more than usual. Shaving only removes hair from the surface of your skin, and it doesn't treat the hair follicle directly, which is of course why you have to shave fairly frequently to maintain a hair-free look. For the best results wait 5 minutes after you step into the bath or shower before shaving; this ensures the hairs are hydrated and makes them softer (and easier) to cut. Cheap as well as quick, shaving offers immediate results from the neck down for less than a pound.

Want to slow growth?

Affordable reduction in hair growth is the ultimate goal of most hair removal solutions, and when it comes to that, waxing - at-home or in salon - is a great option. Costing from £20, waxing can help women suffering with facial hair as well as unwanted body hair and produces a gradual slowing of hair follicle. It comes without the investment cost and commitment required for solutions like laser removal, but the results aren't long-term, meaning you'll need top ups every 6 weeks or so. If you're about to jump on a plane to sunnier climbs you may want to give waxing for your bikini line a try, as the results are instant and will last much longer than shaving or hair removal creams. Over time, hair can also become finer and lighter with each session, making the upkeep easier - even after your holiday tan has faded.

Need a long term solution?

For some women (and men for that matter!) excess facial hair can be a confidence destroying problem. If you're in need of a long-term solution you may be better off investing in a permanent form of hair removal. Despite popular belief that laser hair removal is the best option, electrolysis is actually the only proven way of permanently removing face and body hair - lasers and IPL only reduce hair, and can't treat all types or colours. It works by weakening the hair over several sessions and eventually destroys it; regardless of its thickness, placement, or colour. Also, unlike other energy-assisted options, it can treat fair hair - so good news for blondes! A course of treatment is imperative and results can take a little time, so the sooner you can book in to see a well-trained electrolysist the better. Popular with celebs like Kim Kardashian, treatment cost varies vastly on how large the treatment area is, but you can kiss goodbye to embarrassing facial and body hair for good.

Got money to spend?

Laser treatments work wonders on areas that are sensitive but can be quite costly. The intense energy stunts the hair follicle, which over time reduces ingrown hairs and irritation compared to cheaper options like shaving. Smaller areas usually come with a more attainable price point, so this could make it a good option for underarms, for example. Hair reduction lasers are designed to seek out the dark hairs specifically, clearing the hair without making it obvious. The more contrast you have between your hair colour and your skin tone, the better the laser works. If you have light hair with light skin or dark hair with dark skin, or you want an entirely permanent solution, you may not be a prime candidate for laser and electrolysis might be more appropriate.

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