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Theresa May and Tampon Tax

Two years. We have been campaigning to end tampon tax for TWO WHOLE YEARS (and two months, but who's counting?). Throughout this time we have focused most our tampon-tax-ending energy on one man and one man alone. His name is George Osborne, former Chancellor of the Exchequer. But it's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. There's a new Prime Minister and Chancellor in town. Their names are Theresa May and Philip Hammond. A LOT has changed. We have organised. We've hatched a new strategy to take on these two (and the rest of our new government) to ensure that our periods are no longer taxed. Here's all you need to know:

Who even IS Theresa May?

May has served as Chair of the Tory Party, Minister for Women and Equalities (woop woop), Home Secretary and now Leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister. All of this experience, combined with the fact that she has dealt with menstruation and has therefore at least seen a tampon/sanitary pad/menstrual cup, looks good for us. Seriously. It does. Let's hope that she can also say the word "TAMPON" in parliament which is more than can be said of most MPs... Maybe they don't know that these products exist? *awkward*

And Philip Hammond...?

Hammond has similarly held a number of high profile positions, including Secretary of State for Transport, Defence, Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and he is now our Chancellor of the Exchequer. Presumably this experience would suggest that he should be a fairly sensible Chancellor, right? Well, we will see.

Our Plan:

President Obama suggested that tampon tax exists because "men were making the laws when those taxes were passed". And he's right. But a man isn't leading our law making anymore. Oh no. A woman is. It's time for us to push harder than ever before to make this change finally happen. So far we have made history by successfully launching an amendment to the law that will eventually end tampon tax. All we need to do now is make sure that this amendment actually goes all the way through Parliament and is finally implemented. Like, sooner rather than later please Ms May. As in, today. If possible. Is that too much to ask?

Now that we are no longer restricted by the European Union, Theresa May and Philip Hammond have full reign to bulldoze this tax. So let's launch a new wave of pressure to target those newly in the forefront of power. Tweet @Theresa_May @PHammondMP or send them an email to coax our new leaders into backing our campaign and making 2016 the year that our periods are finally freed from sexist taxation that undermine the importance of women. Better late than never! And we simply don't have time for 'never'. Period.


Template tweet: @theresa_may @PHammondMP please make 2016 the year that tampon tax ends. Period! #EndTamponTax

Template letter: Dear __________,

Please help me to reduce your tax on sanitary products to 0% and recognise their essentiality. They are vital to maintaing a healthy and normal life. Your failure to acknowledge this, especially in comparison with other menial products, is an insult to men and women alike, and should be reversed.

Yours sincerely,