23/12/2016 08:03 GMT | Updated 24/12/2017 05:12 GMT

This Christmas Wish Could Change So Many Lives

This Christmas wish video was created by a very passionate Mum who just wants her son Hadley to be able to go out in his local community without having to worry about where he can have a pee!

Turn the volume up and have a listen to one of the most powerful messages you will hear this Christmas season!

Video fromHadleys Heroes

You may never have realised but most disabled toilets are not suitable for a lot of disabled people. The are simply a larger room with the addition of some grab rails, maybe an emergency pull cord and of course a wheelchair logo on the door.

But that isn't helpful for a lot of severely disabled people who cannot self transfer from a wheelchair to a toilet and vice versa.

You see without an adult sized changing table and a hoist 1 in 260 people cannot use a toilet when they are away from home.

The hoist allows them to be lifted from their wheelchair to the toilet/ changing table without the risk of injuring a carer manually lifting them, or injuring themselves if they aren't lifted properly, they even risk being dropped!

The changing table provides somewhere clean for them to lay so they can be cleaned and dressed. Without this the only place they can lay down is usually the toilet floor, which is often soaked in urine and scattered with soggy toilet paper. Somewhere most of us wouldn't lay our handbag let alone our loved ones.

There is not currently any legal requirement to provide this equipment unfortunately and the only legislation which is there to protect such people (The Equality Act 2010) isn't helping to make changes as it is too costly to take large businesses to court to force them to make these reasonable adjustments.

Hopefully raising awareness by sharing videos such as this incredible one will help to open the eyes of those not affected but in a position to help us so that I no longer have to put my beautiful son on toilet floor or expect him to sit in a smelly poo until I can get him home.

Help make our childrens Christmas wish come true by signing this petition and sharing this incredible video.

On behalf of all the families who struggle with this issue I want to say a big thank you to Hadleys Heroes for creating this brilliant video.