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Dear Santa... A List From an Exhausted Mum

Dear Santa,

Ive been a very good girl this year, I promise. OK maybe not as good as I could have been but I've really, really tried. Most of the time.

So along with the boys lists I thought I'd pop my own list into you, a list from an exhausted mum, seeing as your magical and all that. If anyone can help it's you. And maybe the Sandman. But I'm sure you've got connections.

Yep Santa, you guessed it. I'm after sleep this year.

But not just Baby sleep.

2015-12-21-1450687688-6103822-P1030296.JPGPeacefully sleeping baby

Though it would be magical if he would sleep through the night. Consistently. Or maybe even just for the second time ever would be nice.

I'm not even talking the three year olds sleep.

2015-12-21-1450687965-2946216-Sleeping3yearold.pngPeacefully sleeping three year old

But again, if I could guarantee he'd sleep the whole night I'd be grateful. Not just for me, or the Baby, or even the husband. More for the entire world, you see when he doesn't sleep we enter melt down tantrum stage around 1pm. And it lasts until bedtime. I am that Mummy carrying the screaming child under one arm while pushing the pram with the other. Let's try to save everyone's eardrums by some of the magic fairy dust being sprinkled for the sleepy town express. In my heart of hearts know that not being tired won't lead to no more tantrums ever, but I'm hopeful Santa. I really am. I didn't want to go in too big asking for the impossible.

I digress.

I'm asking for sleep. For me. You know.

Mummy Sleep

Sleep where, when it's not my turn to get up in the morning means I magically don't hear the boys shouting for me. Or come bounding in. Or my husband turning over trying to sneak an extra lie in.

Sleep where, when the night time feed is due and we are giving a bottle, I remain in blissful slumber while the Baby is gently fed and rocked back to sleep by my husband. Where I don't hear crying and poke my husband awake. Or even worse, I hear crying and decide that I can do it better and take over. That is never a good thing to do at anytime. Much less at 3am. And would result in tantrums being had. By all parties.

Sleep where, when the Baby finally sleeps, I do too. Where I don't get up every hour to check why he hasn't woken me yet. To place my hand on his back to check his breathing. Where I basically WAKE HIM UP to check why he isn't awake already. Nice, peaceful sleep. Much like he was in before I poked him awake.

You see Santa, I seem to have lost the ability to sleep soundly. One which I had spent years practicing. I used to be so good at it. Sleeping through the loudest of bangs whereas now? Now the slightest sniff out of place jolts me from my slumber.

So Santa, for Christmas I would like to sleep through the night once more.

Failing that, coffee would be good. Maybe a Nespresso?


An Exhausted Mum of Two


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