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Visions of Fashion

Visions & Fashion Art Exhibition - Berlin, Germany

"Visions & Fashion". The title embraces the exhibition´s vibe perfectly. The art exhibition took place in Berlin, Germany in 2010. It consists of fashion photography and painting, illustrating fashion trends and styles of the last 30 years. Some of the international artists are Tony Viramontes, Michel Comte, Eric Traoré, François Berthoud and Sarah Moon.

Paintings represent visions of fashion. Shapes project an abstract expression of an idea, philosophy and emotion playing with form, texture and motion. The paintings seem to incarnate pieces of cloth, covered up by - well art.

Where then, is the line between design and art? Where is the line between design and styling? Creativity, expression and the abstract kind of painting differ this artistry from fashion design and styling to art. The artistic way of embodying fashion recreates a feeling commonly called 'message' (of a certain look) in the fashion branch.

Photography expresses fashion styles enormously strong. Their appearance is definite and absolute, as well as rational compared to the abstract paintings. Aesthetics are present within every photography and the themes appear extremely precise.

Following, I will outline my personal interpretation of a painting in order to submit a deeper impression of the exhibition. The piece of Art that affected me the most is called "Lieben Sie Brahms?" - "Do you love Brahms?". Carola Seppler created this artistry in 1998. Nowadays she does fashion illustration for a living.

The painting (42,0cm x 29,7 cm) evolved with mixed techniques: pencil, oil-pastel-chalk and felt pen, which is pretty unique already.The artistry is not objective but expresses itself abstractly. Two females face each other in an unlimited space. The red robe and the blue eye-make-up strike out. "Lieben Sie Brahms?" vein reminds of "The blue Rider". Words like 'coldish' and 'bitter' describe the painting best with its overall impression. At the same time, it seems dynamic and clear. The vibe is mysterious and gives the observer the feeling of being impossible to fathom it, excluding the observer. Distance seems to be key. I interpret this piece of art as a representation of different kinds of self-projection, practiced by human in the modern times, catching up fast moving trends. The person on the left seems to focus on the fashion design, letting it speak for itself. Her posture (in the lost profile) expresses her not letting the robe underline her amenities, but her using fashion alone as an expression of herself - fashion as the medium of beauty. The person on the right seems to use her clothe for the opposite purpose: To point out her amenities.

I interpret her intention of wearing fashion in this way because she is in a half-profile and the focus lays on her face (concluding from the make-up). Her cloths are even as transparent, that her body visibly shows. She uses her natural amenities, by pointing them out via fashion design. Also, she might have strong self-confidence and a good relation towards her body as well as promiscuity in general. The complementary colours (red and green) of the two people underline their opposition on taking fashion design into consideration. The people's connection outlined by them holding hands, shows that different taste and style do not interfere with personal sympathies and bonds. Fashion gives the stylist an opportunity to express himself, to express emotions, mood, attitude and personality via colour. Furthermore, fashion opens up the opportunity to fess up to a social status or a lifestyle.

In my opinion is the artist´s intention of the painting to explore the role of fashion in the modern society. The world of fashion develops so fast, that many people struggle keeping track on the pace of changing innovations, trends and the extend of creativity. Individualism is appreciated instead of simple adaption.The observer is automatically asked, which type of self-expression does apply to him.

Self-expression: A phenomenon present like never before because of fashion.

I express myself via fashion on my personal fashion blog Understatement.

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