27/02/2014 10:00 GMT | Updated 29/04/2014 06:59 BST

So, If You've Ignored My Advice...

My last musing was to suggest that we eschew the Power Maternity Leave and enjoy our time sitting around in Starbucks, adore our little ones and generally join the ranks of the yummy mummy brigade with gusto.

But while I think the above is theoretically a great idea, it was neither the route I took nor one which I would have been very good at. The truth is that whilst I totally adore my children - even now they are huge, lumbering teenagers, I just don't need to be with them 24/7. When they were little and I had a business trip on the horizon I was a total nightmare the week before the departure date. Stressed, short tempered, teary. I hated my job, I pined for my babies and I threatened that no matter what happens this is the very last trip I would ever take. It was always the same - the self-recrimination, the guilt, the angst. But do you know what - the moment that plane took off and contact was no longer possible, I relaxed back into being just me. Only a mother who puts her family's comfort as total priority above her own will understand the hedonistic pleasure of a long haul flight - ALONE!

So, if you feel that juggling family and a business is the way forwards to achieving the work life balance you crave, you might like to escape the breastfeeding routine and head off to some business women's networking events. Nothing like hearing what others have done to fire up the enthusiasm and whet the appetite for a new challenge?

It's true that these events can become addictive. It's sometime strange to see the same faces in the audience time after time when I am doing the rounds as a speaker - talking about my journey with JoJo Maman Bébé; from kitchen table to international business. If you find that you keep going to events but have still not taken the plunge, you need to read my friend Shaa Wasmund's book; Stop Talking Start Doing (available from Amazon).


However, if you just want to learn more why not book your man or mum in for a bit of babysitting and get yourself to one of the many events created just for you? These days you're spoilt for choice, for instance why not search the following groups for lists of dates and options?

Meetup - find local interest groups

Eventbrite - find local and national events

Editorial Intelligence - network and exchange ideas over supper / breakfast

Rockstar Group - find local events and potential free business mentors

Enterprising women - great website with details of local events

Brand Amplifier - Dragon's Den style competition for female entrepreneurs organised by JP Creative (South London only)

And if you are not organised enough yet and nappies, feeding and general life means getting up and out takes you all day, then just ignore the lot and enjoy your baby. Having a new baby is a huge amount of work and it's hard to imagine ever having any time to do anything else again. But you may just want to download 'Wunderlist', I'm told it's the best personal organisation App out there. I'm just not organised enough to find the time to check this statement out.

Kiss your babies on the nose from me - that's what's really important.

X Laura