31/05/2013 05:43 BST | Updated 30/07/2013 06:12 BST

Holiday Essentials: Packing List

As you sit munching an overpriced sandwich in the office today, you're likely to be dreaming of that special summer holiday you have planned. Well, allow me to indulge you a little, while still keeping practical matters in mind. Here are the things you'll need to shop for and then cram into your suitcase, so you're completely prepared and totally relaxed by the time you hit the sunshine.

Pharmacy supplies

It might not be the most inspirational place to start, but here's some important practical advice for you: head to a pharmacy before you travel. This applies all year round, but especially in the summertime. You'll need to stock up on sun lotion, after-sun, insect repellent, antihistamine creams and other travelling supplies. If you're going somewhere like Egypt or Morocco, it's a good idea to grab a few different stomach and digestive medications too in case of mishaps.

The perfect pair of sunglasses

These bad boys are essential for any sun holiday, or even just a short city break during the summer. There are so many options these days; branded or unbranded, what shape and colour, which lense type and colour? Different types of sunnies suit different people, so try out lots of styles and decide which ones you like best. SunglassesUK have loads of gorgeous designer brands on sale at the moment.

Comfortable but stylish shoes

Shoes are important in a myriad of ways when on holiday. There are various things to think about when you're deciding which pairs to pack and which to leave at home. Will you be sightseeing and walking around a lot? Will most of your time be spent at the beach of by the pool? Planning lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant? Your shoe wardrobe must be able to cope with any situation you encounter. A couple of pairs should do the trick, but choose them wisely so you aren't caught out.

Fashionable beachwear

Going on holiday always requires a new maxi dress, an attractive sarong and an enormous hat if you ask me. Look out for special offers on the high street and online, and start your shopping early to make sure you have the perfect wardrobe this summer. The Who What Wear Blog always has excellent fashion tips and suggestions - a quick scan through their recent posts is a great place to start your planning.

A good book or two

While you're sunning yourself on the beach or waiting around at the airport, you'll need some entertainment - and what's better than being absorbed in a good book while you travel? Friends and family will always have ample recommendations, but if you get stuck, check out the Writers' Centre Norwich website and get inspired by their summer reading list.

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