01/01/2016 13:34 GMT | Updated 01/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Are The Rio Olympics Going To Be A Disaster?

It's the biggest sporting event in the world. In terms of viewing figures it obliterates the Super Bowl and is well ahead of the FIFA World Cup, but despite the Olympic Games bringing us the greatest sporting tests for gold it also often bears political drama.

Every host nation throughout history has faced a tabloid debate over whether the infrastructure is in place, whether work will be completed in time or quite simply whether the country is good enough, but none, it seems has faced a media storm quite like Brazil.

With the nation currently trying to impeach their president and overthrow it's government for corruption (including alleged Olympic bribes) you'd assume this may not be plain sailing. There have been protests against the games, massive protests. Mostly upset because of the distribution of funds prioritising the games over the nation's poor.

Rio 2016 has also faced constant reports of delayed building work. It's the first time in a long time that the Olympic committee have had to have a back up plan. It was widely reported that the London Olympic committee was secretly approached in May and asked whether it could host the games at 'last minute' notice should Brazil fail.

But is it really that serious over in Rio?

The country's government and economy are on a major downslide, there's no doubt it is serious on that front, but if we're honest they've always had corruption to deal with. The World Cup didn't bring the revenue Brazil expected, tourism levels didn't rise and the money hasn't come flooding in. So after such a massive expenditure the people are unhappy.

But if we look back at the World Cup as an example we will see one common denominator that changes everything... Brazilians are Brazilian.

The preparations for the World Cup were much the same: protests, political and media storms and more. During the Confederations Cup we had massive protests. I flew out to Rio to witness it, a perfect rehearsal for FIFA's World Cup in disarray, occurring within a tense and angry environment.

But this is a story you know - the ending has already been told, the World Cup itself went without a hitch and was possibly one of the best World Cups ever (as long as you don't mention Germany's destruction of Brazil in the semi-finals).

Brazilians are Brazilian. They love a good party. They love their nation but it seems they actually love football even more and all was forgotten for the game. I'm expecting to see a similar transformation for the Olympic Games. Brazil will most probably suck it all in, enjoy every moment of the games, the atmosphere and the parties. As soon as it's all over they'll immediately get back to business and return their energies to Dilma, their disgraced president.

Those who say the Olympic games may be cancelled are truly misinformed - The last time the Olympic games were cancelled was in 1944 and that was because of World War II. It's gonna take a hell of a lot to cancel the Olympics.

So perhaps we should feel secure and excited about Rio as host. The Brazilians are super welcoming, they love a good party and adore football... but then again the Olympics isn't pure football.