A Right Royal Knees Up!

03/06/2012 15:27 BST | Updated 02/08/2012 10:12 BST

The flags are flying, the bunting is out in force and most people I know have an element of excitement about them, parallel to a child at Christmas. But why do I ask? Is it because we've a four day weekend? What better excuse to party?

I love that as cynical as it is obvious, everyone's making the most of the Jubilee in their own way.

One friend's enjoying a pampering session at the Covent Garden Sanctuary Spa ('The Best of British Spa Day'), one is having a family gathering at Jeanette's Cakery in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, whilst one is throwing a street party for 250 guests! Some aren't doing anything and have escaped to warmer climes. And whether you're a Royalist or not, everyone's making the most of it. I've seen nurses who are working wearing Union Jack badges, corner shopkeepers sell themed cakes and know Newspaper hacks who will throw office parties.

But people may question the cost of this weekend. Who is paying for the Royals to have their jubilant celebrations? And some may question it altogether. Are we being dictated to and being told when to celebrate? Is it all just a ruse to make money from tourism?

Well I don't care. There's something rather satisfying when a Yank asks me if I've met The Queen. And actually, I have...