06/12/2012 10:49 GMT | Updated 05/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Moving on From Kate Middleton's Womb!

Whilst I'm jubilant along with the rest of the world that Kate and William are expecting their precious bundle of joy, I'd really like to read something else or switch on the TV without being reminded about Kate's 'condition.' It's Dianagate all over again. There's an immense amount of pressure facing any new Mum, never mind if you're called Kate.

And yes, I'm talking from experience. But whilst part of me feels sorry for Kate , who will spend the rest of her life fiercely guarding her child's private life, I'll admit I'm a tad envious of the serious help she can command along the way. I don't imagine her going through the tedious task of juggling work with childcare, stress over affording nannies or even ever running out of nappies... sigh.

But I don't know what's worse. The reporting of the Royal pregnancy or the ongoing witch-hunt naming and shaming celebrities who've been bailed on sex charges (relating back more than 35 years!?? Oh there goes more lives ruined).

But I'm hoping for Kate's sake and sanity, she's banned herself from using the Internet. It's bad enough being pregnant and sifting through the minefield of too much terrifying information as it is without reading how people think your child will look, live, eat sleep and breathe...

Your tummy flips, you Google it and hey presto! You're convinced you're about to have a pregnancy disaster.

And as for the Australian radio presenters who are being chastised for playing a prank call to the hospital where Kate was being treated? They've done the Royal Family a favor for highlighting yet again how their security needs to be tightened up.

And not too soon by the look of it.