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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have enjoyed a dram at a whisky distillery - and picked up a kilt for baby George - on
As Kate and Wills' supernanny starts her first week on the job, I'm posting these tips for her in the likely knowledge that she already has things pretty much Shipshape and Bristol fashion round at Kensington Palace. After all, that's what the best nannies are for -- they organise not only the children, but the family into the bargain.
British tabloid newspapers have snapped back into shape after just three months of ignoring the Duchess of Cambridge’s figure
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have attended an awards ceremony recognising outstanding conservationists at the start
So far I haven't spotted Lupo the royal dog in any of the coverage of the birth of Prince George. I am working on the assumption that their beloved Cocker Spaniel is at home with Kate's parents, as he is from a litter of the Middleton's family dog Ella. It would be great to find out though as I would wholeheartedly welcome them being a shining example of how the birth of a baby and the ownership of a dog can be managed.
Well, this is unfortunate. Spare a thought today not just for the two-day-old royal child whose every move is being monitored
As sure as night follows day and angry tweets follow Katie Hopkins appearing on television, Twitter has responded in its
Hoorah! The royal baby has a name! And it's George! George Alexander Louis to be precise, of course. But we're not bothered
His name is Prince! And he has flunkies! Yes, a child has been born. And not just any child, oh no. A royal child. So what
Unlike most of the babies born on 22 July 2013, the Prince of Cambridge has been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and with a barrage of cameras in his face. His arrival will be heralded with gun salutes from the Tower of London.