21/03/2013 11:14 GMT | Updated 20/05/2013 06:12 BST

Generation Y Bother

Following the Baby Boomers and Generation X, my generation tends to be referred to as Generation Y, or the millennial generation. This group of people are often cited as being born around 1982 and lasting up until 1999/2000. The generation since is as far as I know, yet to be named.

Generation Y has been getting some stick, so to speak, over the last few years, which mainly comes from them being referred to as Generation Me. This is because surveys found people in their teens and early twenties from this generation had an increase in narcissism, and are predicted to switch jobs more frequently than other generations, due to high expectations.

Because of this many young people today are often considered lazy, ungrateful and as often cited in the press; are unwilling to work. But if this is true of members of this generation then whose fault is it? Surely high degrees of narcissism and great expectations couldn't have developed without having a sense of purpose or righteousness bestowed upon you?

When we look back, young people over the past thirty years were quite lucky; they benefited from the ecological and technological boom, many people's parents were much more affluent during this time, and many people had the latest gadgets bought for them because their parents wanted to try them out, or because there was disposable income to buy them. During this time higher education also became much more accessible, which meant more people could go to University, no matter what your background, and consider a career doing something they hadn't previously. No longer where people confined to do what their parents did, or acquire a job for life that they may not enjoy simply because they needed a job.

All the time this was happening, children were constantly being told by parents and teachers they could be whatever they wanted to be, allowing aspirations of being an artist or a writer flourish in young people's minds. Add on top of this a media saturated society that allowed anyone to become famous through reality television, whether they were talented or not, and be adorned by fans across the country in various glossy magazines, its no wonder Generation Y began to think they could be anything they put their minds to.

When you think about all that was happening whilst Generation Y were growing up, there's no wonder that many may have a slightly overinflated ego or feeling of superiority. But when you add on top of this the economic downturn that hit whilst many were in their teens or early twenties, many of these promises from the media and their parents looked far more unattainable, which for a generation brought up on promises can become depressing.

Therefore we have been left with thousands of highly educated being told they can't do what they want to do and that their expensive education was almost pointless. This seems to be breading a new strand of Generation Y; Generation WHY bother?

Many young people now feel as though they have been let down and lied to about their futures, so feel as though there's no point trying any more, and yes some may feel that menial work is below them, but this is a minority.

But what the general population needs to realise is, although there is a percentage of Generation Y that feels this way, there is a much larger portion of said generation trying their best to work with what they have, and live the dreams and promises they were given in the best way they can. This includes doing unpaid work and a more menial job in order to live and hopefully further their careers, which is what the majority appear to be doing.

Despite some inflated egos that were probably achieved because of the hopes Generation X or the Baby Boomers bestowed upon them; the majority of Generation Y aren't thinking 'why bother?' they are thinking about how to be the next great generation, despite the opposition they encounter.